Thursday, October 04, 2012

AFL Free Agency and Trading Period

Here is the Free Agency and Trading banter page requested by 2 time Uglybustard Tipping Champeen Arnold Layne.

Plenty of action as at Thursday 4th October when this post was published - Pearce from Power to Dockers, Lynch from Eagles to Pies, Knights from Crows to Tiges and the biggie; Goddard from Saints to Dons.

Keep track of the 2012 free agency moves & offers.

Join the banter in the comments below.  Free double passes to The Laugh Garage given to the most insightful!

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

AFL Grand Final Review & Tipping Prizes

What a Grand Final. Gotta be the best one I've seen in 40 years. Pips the Swans own classics Vs the Weagles a few year back, and even both drawn Grannies in 1977 and 2010. It left me with the feeling that any team can win it, you don't need high draft picks, its about working with what you've got. Try to name the Swans star forwards to compare with Roughhead, Buddy and Cyril, and you'll see what I mean.

Read on for more on the GF, the video highlights, then the final results and prize winners for 2012 Uglybustards Tipping.

Monday, September 24, 2012

AFL Results Finals Week 3 - Hawks Swans GF

And then there were two. The Swans accounted for the Magpies quite comfortably on the Friday night, with Jetta's running goal putting them up by 20 points in the 1st quarter, there was no looking back. The other preliminary final was a different kettle of fish, with the Crows pushing flag favourite Hawthorn all the way to the very end, and could've been considered unlucky not to pinch it. The Hawks will learn their lesson and I can't see them falling down two weeks in a row, and should comfortably account for the Swans this weekend. There you heard it first - Hawks by 30+. Of course I could be foxing.

Spot Prize #7 is still alive, unbelievable I know. Whomever stumbles upon this website and would like to win, email me. The first five emails I receive will win a pass. Five $50 double passes to The Laugh Garage are up for grabs!!!

On to the highlights of week 3 of the finals before I puke, then the latest in the Uglybustards Tipping.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

AFL Finals Results Week 2 - Final Four Feathers Fly

The Finals on the weekend showed how important it is to finish top 4, with both semi's almost a replica of each other. The WA teams both got out to a flyer early in the first quarter, only to be slowly reeled in by the the home town bookies' favourites.  The end result; a flock of feathers for the finals as the Hawks host the Crows, and the Swans manage the Magpies.

Spot Prize #7 is alive for the 4th week running. The question "what is your name" has proved to be beyond the capabilities of the Uglybustards punter.  In order to offload the inventory, not only is the prize open to any Uglybustards tipster, regardless of whether you've won before or entered the Prize Pool, there is now no question involved. You just have to email me. Five $50 double passes to The Laugh Garage are up for grabs!!!

2 things to come out of the weekend -
  1. the shithouse camera work by channel 7
  2. Another video review umpiring controversy. Still waiting on Demetriou to get back to me on my AFL goal video review solution 
On to the highlights of week 2 of the finals before I puke.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

AFL Finals Results Week 1 - Pav's Purple Patch

Hot off the Press - Malthouse joins Blues! In a shock signing Mick Maltshake has joined Carlton. But enough of that. It's all about the #PurplePower this week, with Pavlich sinking six majors and Heave Ho Freo Way To Go booting reigning premiers Geelong out of the finals in a convincing display.  They should be a chance to bowl out the Crows in straight sets too. Likewise the Weagles' blitzing of Norf, showing great form in the last quarter, fares well for a couple of blockbusters this week, and the filth could be in a spot of bovva. But with Maxwell out the Pies have received an unexpected bonus.  Both semis could go either way.  Meanwhile the Swans and the Hawks can sit back and watch the boys beat the crap out of each other.

Spot Prize #7 is still alive for the third week. Maybe the question was a bit hard afterall.  So I'm widening the gene pool to any Uglybustards tipster. Doesn't matter if you've won before or not even entered the Prize Pool. Five $50 double passes to The Laugh Garage are up for grabs!!!

On to the highlights of week 1 of the finals before I puke. Nice bit of biffo in the Hawks / Magpies game.
Read on for Uglybustards Tipping Results and the Spot Prize question. And Condolences to John McCarthy's family for the tragedy in Las Vegas.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

AFL Results R23 - Finals Fever

Well its finals fever yet again, with four blockbuster games coming up on the weekend. Hawthorn look to have Collingwood's measure on Friday night. Adelaide's home ground advantage might be the telling factor in their clash against Sydney, a game which shapes as the most interesting this week. Geelong should comfortably account for Fremantle, but never underestimate #PurplePower!!! I stick by my prediction of Heave Ho Off We Go Freo taking out the flag from wherever they are, 6th 7th or 8th who cares. West Coast will provide the mothballs for Norf in what has been a lacklustre North Melbourne the past couple of weeks. And the real fight of course will be for finals tickets! And won't the scalpers make another lazy mill or so over the next four weeks. Gloves off.

And don't worry, we haven't forgotten about the Brett Ratten sacking.

Spot Prize #7 didn't go off for the 2nd week in a row. I had honestly thought the question was easy enough, but obviously I have yet again under-estimated my clientele.  The prize remains available for those in the prize pool yet to win a prize. Five $50 double passes to The Laugh Garage are up for grabs!!!

On to the highlights before I puke. Nice goal Kieren Jack.
Read on for Uglybustards Tipping Results and the Spot Prize question.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

AFL Results R22 - Ratten Rorted by Blues Bombshell

It's a bit like the way Harvey got shafted by Freo last year. A promising top 4 side, derailed by injuries, fails to make the top 8. Last year ruthless Ross Lyon infamously took the offer of Harvey's job. In 2012 Micky Maltshake has bided his time until Carlton had no choice but to make their decision when he said its this year or never. The footy polls reckon 70/30% it's the wrong decision to axe Ratts, who had a better win/loss than Clarko, Bomber Thompson and old man Maltshaker himself after 5 seasons, and those 3 ended up with Premierships after their clubs stuck with them.  The Big Question is - Will Carlton re-hire Ratten in five years time after Maltshake sends us to the bottom again a la Pagan style.

Pavlich examines a piece of tin
Regardless, the season rolls on and there's a couple of telling blockbusters lined up for the final round. The Swans take on the Cats at the Cattery, while the Hawks host the Weagles at home.

But this top 4 jostling is irrelevant. The Freo Dockers are my sure thing to win the flag and will finally deliver for their #1 ticket holder Alvin Purple in 2012.  They just need to show some belief, and familiarise themselves with a certain piece of silverware.

Spot Prize #7 didn't go off last week.  There were a few correct answers from previous winners, which I was impressed with. But not being eligible, the prize remains available for those in the prize pool yet to win a prize. Five $50 double passes to The Laugh Garage are up for grabs!

On to the highlights before I puke, which are a bit shorter than usual as I edited out the Gold Coast / Carlton vision. Then read on for Uglybustards Tipping Results and the Spot Prize question.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

AFL Results R21 - Final 8 wide open & Spot Prize #7

Very interesting situation regarding the make-up of the AFL final 8 going into the last 2 rounds of the season with the top teams spluttering and the bottom teams in the 8 hitting form. Hawthorn remain Buddy-less, the Crows have been ordinary losing to Brisbane and just getting over the Bombers, the Pies crashed to Norf, while the mighty Blues put on a clinic, and could do some damage in September if Freo lose to Norf next week.

The Swans are looking good and the Weagles are getting players back at the right time. You can't count out the Cats either who've won 4 of their last 5, the only hiccup the five point loss to the Coolers at Patersons.

Spot Prize #6 finally went off and was won by Sam Griggs. Obviously the question was way too hard so Spot Prize #7 below is a bit simpler so we can offload some inventory before the finals.

On to the highlights before I puke, then read on for Uglybustards Tipping Results and the Spot Prize for this week.

Monday, August 13, 2012

AFL Results R20 - Pies Punish Sinful Swans & Spot Prize # 6

The Swans' bad kicking let the Pies off the hook and the hoodoo continues.  The battle for the home finals in the top 4 is hotting up, and you can throw a blanket over 5th to 11th in the fight for the last couple of spots in the 8.

Now the Olympics are over, all my friendly chatting to Collingwood and Essendon supporters has come to an end and normal hostilities resume, beginning immediately with the Carlton v Essendon blockbuster this week.

Spot prize #6 is still up for grabs for some intelligent Uglybustards tipster in the Prize Pool. Or is that an oxymoron.  Read on below for your chance to win.

On to the video highlights and Tipping Results before I puke:

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

AFL Results R19 - Eade for Power & Spot Prize #6

A big week of footy off the field sees Prime-arse sacked, little Libba get done for ecstasy, and Buddy in a car smash, where the speedster may've T-boned the other car. But back to Port - while Chocko might have been romantically linked to a return to Alberton, it seems Rodney "Rocket" Eade may get the job if Port Adelaide can get their footy department in order. Meanwhile Buddha Hocking coaches the Power for the next four weeks and has Hawthorn first up, the team that smashed em by 165 pts last year. Things can't get any worse for Port, or can they?

Last week's spot prize #6 was so incredibly difficult that no-one got it right. Read on down below for your chance to win a prize.  The crucial clue can be found in the AFL video review solution.

On to the highlights before I puke:

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

AFL Results Round 18 - Nek Minut McLean's Good Fanks

Man of the moment Brock McLean is in the papers for all the right and wrong reasons this week, firstly booting the winning goal against the Tigers, then playing another starring role with Gerard Healy On The Couch Mondee night where not only did he blow Melbourne's 2009 tanking debacle out of the water, but slipped in "good fanks" and even a "nek minut" on Pay TV!! And now he's about to suffer a severe probing by the AFL. Oh dear.

From the same match were several controversial goal video reviews which shows the AFL clearly have a lot of work to do, and on the weekend they commissioned me to come up with an AFL video review solution, which already has more than 20 comments, although I think I will be sacking a few Uglybustards staff who managed to let some of the more unsavoury ones past the strict filtering standards.

On to the highlights before I puke:

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Is the AFL Goal Video Review Working?

With two posters given goals in recent AFL Grand Finals - Tom Hawkins 2009 and Sharrod Wellingham 2011 - the AFL had to do something. And after much debate, a video review was decided as the solution for the 2012 season.  But is it the best one? Not only as far as accuracy, but cost, and interruption to the game.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

AFL Results Round 17 - How High is Howe

If Jeremy Howe doesn't win mark of the year in 2012 I'll go he. He's got the top two contenders so far with the one against the Swans courtesy of Heath Grundy's head, and the one against Port Adelaide this week.

An awful lot of Hawthorn v Collingwood and North Melbourne v Richmond games in the top ten highlights this week. Is Demetriou aware that there were 7 other games, or is he simply intent on showing the old footy teams he used to play for in Hawthorn and Norf, and get Tassie to continue to finance them at the expense of having their own team.

Roll the tape before I puke.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

AFL Results Round 16 - Judd Grilled and Stuffed

The Tribunal lost all respect when a County Court Judge sentenced Judd to 4 weeks for simply holding an arm. What is a County Court Judge doing on the panel anyway? Where was an expert like Colonel Sanders? Instead Leigh Adams should've been taking the stand for a disgraceful act of staging. Pretending his shoulder had been ripped from its socket by Judd's gentle arm hold.

On to the highlights reel before I puke. And remember, Demetriou is to blame.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

AFL Results Round 15 - Saints Do Dons in Drag

The heat's off Ratten for a few days and should be on Hird for making his Bombers charges wear what could only be described as the used ladies Myer lingerie display as their "clash" strip against StKilda. How ridiculous did it look, and why is a clash strip needed anyway? We never had any problems recognising teams in the mud of the 60s and 70s before ground drainage was built in for all arenas, so why now?

Marketing, that's why. Forcing fans to buy a new and completely ridiculous jumper each year. And remember, Demetriou's to blame.

On to the highlights reel and round 15 tipping results before I puke.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

AFL Results Rounds 13 & 14. Spot Prize #4 - Manflu Kneecaps Uglybustard

A severe bout of manflu has all but kneecapped your tipping correspondent. Haven't felt this bad since Cowboy sent a daisycutter drop kick right into me nads at 5 yards when I was standing the mark in the 1947 Grand Final.  But like I did then with knackers the size of the Hindenburg, I will continue to soldier on.

A quick squiz at the highlight reels for rounds 13 & 14.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

AFL Results Round 12 & Uglybustards Spot Prize #3

Only six games on the weekend, and another small number of games coming up as more teams take their bye.  Its interesting to see how each team uses the spare week to freshen up. The Pies went north  for instance. The bye can't come soon enough for Carlton with the hellish few weeks it has had. Here is how Brett Ratten has handled his troops and by the looks on their faces it really does seem to have paid dividends in deliverance from the pressures of AFL.  Mitch Robinson looks right at home. More to come after the tape, including the Uglybustards Spot Prize #3.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Dictator Demetriou Deflects Frees Farce

Warning: this post has a high nerd factor of 9.98 out of 10. Proceed at your own risk.

Round 12 and the issue of umpires' decisions has raised its ugly head yet again after another West Coast game. Instead of acting on the blatantly lopsided Eagles' free kick count, Demetriou deflects criticism by launching a tirade against Twitter and a couple of Blues players' innocuous tweets. Well played sir.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

AFL results Round 11: Josh Hunt, rhymes with ...

Are Freo back or are the Tiges capitulating? And the Swans / Bombers game was an absolute ripper. But there's just one major talking point in this week's update. And that is the recovery of integrity as a footy player by Josh Hunt. Ridiculed by his peers for his outright cowardice on the field, in last Friday nights game against Carlton he took a massive step forward. Right on to Eddie Betts's arm.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Tassie in the AFL...One Day...maybe..maybe not

A June 3rd Tim Lane article in The Age , which came to my attention via Robert Shaw on Twitter , once again raises the issue of why Tasmania doesn't have a team in the AFL.

Darrel Baldock and the Saints Cup
These two are proud, passionate Tasmanians who want to see a Tasmanian team represent their state. A state that has produced bona fide footy legends such as Peter Hudson, Royce Hart, Ian Stewart and Darrel Baldock, the captain of StKilda's only Premiership team in 1966.

Other recent players are Paul Sproule, Michael Roach, Rodney Eade, Matty Richardson, James Manson, Alistair Lynch, Darrin Pritchard, Brodie Holland, Russell Robertson, the Febey twins, the Gale and Rawlings brothers, Graham Wright, Adrian Fletcher, Andy Lovell, Paul Williams, Daryn Cresswell and Doug Barwick. There were many more who crossed Bass Strait in the 60s 70s 80s and 90s, not forgetting Robert Shaw himself.

Along with some local talent, about half of the above mentioned played in the 1990 Tasmanian state team captained by Pritchard that defeated Victoria by 33 points at North Hobart Oval. They would have made a decent team for the regular AFL season.

Monday, June 04, 2012

AFL R10: The Mythbusters Round

Plenty of myths busted in this week's round of AFL

Myth #1: That a certain Mythbusters Narrator knows nothing about AFL.

Robert Lee
tipped every single upset this week, and got the margin spot on for the Friday night Saints Tigers game!

Monday, May 28, 2012

R9: 1st Spot Prize & "A Fighting Fury" returns!

Victorian police have arrested a frail bald old man armed with a toothless hair comb, running directly towards goal at Punt Rd with no chance of a handball, singing

Oh, we're from Tigerland,
A fighting fury, we're from Tigerland,
Like Jamie Durie you will see us with a grin,
Fighting hard to win,
If we're behind then never mind,
We'll kick 'em in the shin.
For we're from Tigerland,
We'll never weaken 'til the final siren's gone.
Like a tiger of old,
We're hungry and bald.
For we're from Tiger yellow and black,
For we're from Tigerland!

and a memo to Saints fans - arent you glad Rossy Lyon's at Freo.

That sums up Round 9.  Let's roll the tape, get into the tipping results and give away the first Uglybustards Spot Prize* for 2012.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Why Brett Kirk should have his own Footy Show

Out-there garden gnome Costa.
It's time for something different. A breath of fresh air in the constipated toilet of AFL Footy Shows these days. It's time for a courageous TV producer to back in Brett Kirk, the Costa Georgiades (see ABC1's gardening show and you'll see what I mean) of the AFL, to run his own Footy Show "Brett's Quirks".

First, let's assess the current AFL commentary teams and Footy Shows. In my humble opinion, the only current AFL show with a different angle, and worth watching, is Marn Grook. Then there's the rest.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Club Crisis as Crows Crush Carlton

Another injury to a Blues star as Murphy crumbles under the impact of Crows wrecking ball Patrick Dangerfield. Will the Crows kill Collingwood this week to make it a trifecta of culling Cats, Carlton and Collingwood in three straight weeks? Let's hope so. We can't let the filth escape. 

Meanwhile the Blues face Melbourne this week, and based on current form this should be a close, tight encounter that goes right down to the wire.

We know How Hi is a Chinaman. But How High is Howe. Lets roll the tape for Round 8.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Uglybustards Snares Celebrity Tipster!

Through an extensive period of multi-million dollar contract negotiations with the tough-as-brass-balls SBS Mythbusters Management Group Pty. Ltd., Ugly Bustards AFL Footy Tipping is proud to announce the signing (on a Form Four) of Mythbusters narrator, Mr Robert Lee, as the Celebrity Tipster for 2012.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

AFL R7 - Upsets Abound as Sheedy's Giants Break Duck

A round of upsets in the AFL have tipsters around Australia pulling their collective hair out.  It all started Satdee with the Giants blocking out the Suns, the Crows crushing the Cats and the Tigers mauling the Swans. Then on Sunday the Doggies doggy doo-doo'ed the Kangas, and the round of upsets was complete on Monday when the Saints smashed the Blues. By rights, 4/9 was an acceptable round of tipping.

Now lets roll the tape for this week.  Including the extra one with Milney taking on the entire Carlton backline.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Goodes Grounded as Crows Crash Swans Soiree - R6 AFL Wrap Up

Last week it was Goodsey Grounding the Hawks, but this week its Goodsey Grounded for 6 weeks!

With the Swans seemingly in control in a tight tussle with the Crows, Goodsey's gone and torn a quad high up on his leg.  Goodsey Gawn - Swans Gawn. This could see the Swans stumble with the Tiges and Sainters coming up in the the next 3 weeks.  The Tiges are back on the winners list, Kevin Bartlett's creamin his jeans and it wont be long til they're a force like they were 40, 50 or 60 years ago.  Some time last millennium anyway.

Monday, April 30, 2012

AFL Round 5 Results - Billycat Jags 2nd Jackpot as Goodes Grounds Hawks

Eight tipsters who all got 8/9 were pipped at the post by Billycat who has somehow pulled off his 2nd Uglybustards jackpot in only 5 weeks! I think its time for a urine test. Griggsy can you administer one for me please and send Billycat's sample by express post. No substituting either.

If you got the Anzac Clash you were on your way to a reasonable round, with the first crucial 50/50 under your belt. The Adelaide/Port Derby and even the Freo/Smurfs game both good ones to get right. But the upsets are the icing on the cake. Only Billycat, gonadbreath and The Lace gave the Swans any chance of doin it fer Goodsey.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

AFL Round 4 Results - emBattled Blues Bumble under Bruising Bomber Barrage

The Bombers gave the Blues a right old touch up in the biggest upset of the round. Even Hirdy was quoted as saying no-one in Australia would've tipped them. Well done to our Madnurse who must have been the only tipster in Australia to get it right. The Bombers have done a magnificent job of keeping a low profile this season, even Ratten called them out for flying under the radar before last week's game.

The rivalry between the Blues and the Bombers is such that the underdog always seems to come through. Who can forget the 1999 preliminary final?  You may have got us this time Bombers fans, but remember that revenge is a Broo Beer best served cold.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

AFL Round 3 Results - Ballistic Blues Blitz Pies & Rampaging Roos Roll Cats

Well you could see that Blues / Pies train wreck coming a mile away. My only regret is I didnt stick with my 10 goal prediction!  As for the Roos, only Rotten Ronnie Andrews had the intestinal fortitude to pick them against a bone weary Geelong side, even then the Cats came storming home.  The Cats look the goods again, along with the Eagles, Hawks, Blues, and maybe the Saints and Swans. With the Roos' favourable draw which sees them with 2 effective percentage boosting byes against Gold Coast and GWS, they might be knocking on the door of the top 4. The Pies?  They're gawn. New coach, new style, a few key retirements, a few long term knee injuries, in-fighting, out-fighting - Mick's doing a great job of psychologically disassembling them!

Let's go to the round 3 highlights reel...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

AFL Round 2 Results - Kennett Curse Continues at Cattery as Cut-throat Cats Cull Hapless Hawks

Hats off to the tipsters who went for the Cats to down the Hawks, making it 8 wins in a row since the 2008 upset GF loss, most of the wins by a few points, and coming from behind at 3/4 time.

Zenben followed up his good work in Round 1 to take outright lead in both the Tipping and Margin comps with a full card tip of 9 and 16 from 18 tips so far. He was one of seven Uglybustards Tipsters to get the card. The Whoppers will run out at Hungry Jacks this week.

Let's roll the tape for round 2...

Friday, April 06, 2012

Eddie Betts Mark of The Year (twice)

Eddie Betts went ballistic at the Gabba last night, entering orbit twice.  Dennis Commetti made the insightful comment that his famous "parachute pants" actually helped him land.  At least now we know why he wears them.


But were either of Eddie's hangers better than Cyril's last week?

Monday, April 02, 2012

Round 1 AFL Results

Hi Tipsters,
Season 2012 is finally underway with a crackerjack round to open proceedings. A couple of cliffhangers, a bit of biffo and a few reports, and it seems like we're half way through the year already, with Yarran slotting goal of the year and Rioli giving the mark of the year a shake.

It looks like its going to be very tough to get the jackpot this year with an extra game to pick, and the changing of the guard taking place perhaps.  Here's this week's highlights package;

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Scarlett Vs. Ballantyne

Geelong's Mathew Scarlett has finally let his ego get the better of him.

After years at the top of the AFL, I've always thought the way Scarlett plays the game its like he almost shows disdain for the opposition. It's become his competition, no-one else has got the right to challenge him or his team, the mighty Cats, or heaven forbid, sledge him or his team mates.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Welcome back all youse ugly bustards!

And a special warm welcome to the new recruits we poached during the off season for their first season of Uglybustards tipping.

Yes I know Its been a long hard wet preseason but youre all looking in tip top shape for 2012.  Griggsy holds the Uglybustards Cup after a last minute nail-biting win over powerful.  Let's see how his Premiership defence goes this year.

First up, we've got a new website, which is a blog at  You can subscribe to weekly Uglybustards Updates by entering your email in the "Follow By Email" box on the right.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Uglybustards AFL footy tipping 2012 prizes

Broo Beer
Bloody Brootiful
In 2012 Uglybustards is happy to announce that Broo Beer and The Laugh Garage are back on board providing prizes for the footy tipping again this year.  Groges, the genius behind Broo, is providing a merchandise pack for the winner, details to follow.

If you haven't tried Broo yet, run into your local Coles Liquorland store or First Choice bottlo and pick up a slab.  Best beer in Australia, bloody Brootiful.

Passes to The Laugh Garage
Darren Sanders has come through with more passes to The Laugh Garage this year.  They're on the corner of Elizabeth and Park Streets, Sydney CBD opposite Hyde Park, and always have a fantastic line-up of stand-up comics doin' the biz.

Uglybustards AFL footy tipping $ entry fee 2012

A prize pool entry fee $20 is optional once again in 2012, to be paid by 30 April. But to win the merchandise, passes or spot prizes, you must have paid the $20 entry fee.

Depending on the cash pool, $ will go to the top 3 and a weekly jackpot to the tipster who picks the card and has the closest margin.

There will be a tipping and margin comp as in past years.  A Trivia comp is on the cards as well.  Prizes tbc.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Uglybustards AFL footy tipping 2012 sponsors

Once again Broo Beer and The Laugh Garage are on board as sponsors of the Uglybustards Footy Tipping competition.

Broo have provided a merchandise pack for the winner, while The Laugh Garage are providing a numbers of passes throughout the year.

Also available will be spot prizes provided by us right here at Uglybustards.

Stay tuned as more details to follow, and keep an eye on the Prizes page.

Monday, March 05, 2012

2011 AFL footy tipping Uglybustards winners

Hi Tipsters,

The 2011 R28 / Finals Week 4 Results are on the Uglybustards site, proudly brought to you by Broo Beer and The Laugh Garage.

Go to the Tipping Ladder page to see the final standings.

 In one of the most climactic finishes ever witnessed in Uglybustards history, a tired and emotionally drained powerful has been overcome by an exhausted never-say-die Griggsy who literally willed himself over the line in a heart-wrenching display of pure guts and determination in the final round of the season.

Having carried the onerous burden of competition leadership for the past 16 rounds, an amazing effort in itself, powerful finally succumbed to the relentless pressure tourniquet applied by Griggsy, and although employing reverse psychology in his Pies tip, that exact same reverse psychology was courageously predicted by Griggsy who tipped the Cats.