Monday, June 24, 2013

AFL Results R13 - Brisbane Burst Brad's Bubble

Joined the injury list meself this week getting me hand caught in the meat shredder. Muriel from the typing pool's done the honours. Never stopped me from playin the 62 GF so wont stop me now!!

Uglybustard vs meat shredder
Uglybustard v meatshredder
What a classic round of footy considering only 5 games were played. Brad Scott was handed a flag in his 1st year of coaching by a team he admitted coached themselves. On the weekend there came a time when that team needed a cluey coach to stop momentum building into an unspeakable loss. And Brad Scott was exposed. Badly. What moves did he make to stop the rot? What message did he send out via the runner? With his team continuing to play-on with seconds left, a point up and in possession, they lost the 4 points when it was theirs for the taking.  You gotta do more than sit there in "restrained fury". You gotta actually make some moves son. Makes you think what would've happened if Neeld had've had a sliding doors moment with Scott - who would be on the scrap heap and who would have a flag?

More strange was how the Lions' 8 goal last quarter was kick-started, literally, by the ump (yes, the man in green, what do they call them these days, boogie instead of maggot) getting in the way of a Stevie J miskick that rebounded off his shin into a magnificent goal assist as Brisbane took it down the corridor and slotted it from CHF.  37 Supercoach points to the ump for that little effort. Geisch still on holidays?  Too scared to return no doubt.

Kurt Tippett made a dream return that soon turned into a nightmare, booting a major in the 1st minute only for the Swans to capitulate to Port in the other upset of the round.

The Lions and Power victories make the final 8 race more interesting, and while it was a relief to not have to watch my beloved Blues get overrun for yet another "admirable" loss, they now have some new rivals for 8th spot.  Round 23 Port v Blues at Alberton could decide both teams' fate for 2013.

Roll the tape Stavros.  And check out Tyrone Vickery's mark.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

AFL Results R12 - Hodgey's Head High Hits

hi there all youse tipsters and welcome to this week's special edition of Hodgey's Head High Hits. Yes that's right, it's the hit you give without really giving a hit. On Friday night "Elbows" Hodge took us and the Match Review Panel back in time to the wonderful 70s era where the biff flowed freely, and no-one was reported, or free kicks given. Even Reg Reagan may've been impressed.

How can you not highlight the umpiring this week. It was only a month or so ago when @kevinBartlett29 was rabbiting on about how body contact before a mark was illegal, with the most ridiculous of ticky touchwood frees being paid, while identical incidents were overlooked in the same game. In Dustin Martin's case, in the goal square mind you. Just a few games later and the Umps are all in danger of hospitalisation through peritonitis, having swallowed the proverbial whistle. While everyone applauds this, many blatant frees are now overlooked, until suddenly the ump decides to pay an identical one.

Then there's the bump. Jack Zeibell, James Kelly and many others including little Eddie Betts who've all done time for the bump must feel hard done by after seeing Luke Hodge get off on two counts in the same game, one incident where the recipient gets concussed and a fractured jaw.

If you look at the slow mo' Hodge has his eyes on Murphy. Lines him up and leads with his shoulder, then directs his vision to the ball. His bumping arm follows through which indicates an intentional bump. A good decent bump it was too. Fair in my book but so was Zeibell's, Kelly's, and Bett's. But Jack Zeibell wouldve got 10 weeks for Hodgey's, such in the ridiculous inconsistency of the MRP. I got no problems at all with Hodge getting off. But as Matt Thompson tries to confirm with Mark Fraser of the MRP, does that now set the standard? Good if it does. Bit late for Zeibell though.

Take a look at these clips.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

AFL Results R11 - Bombers Blitz Blues from Behind

The rubber-band effect was in full swing over the long weekend where two teams in the Blues and the Saints were reeled in by the Bombers and the Ducks respectively. Some very controversial umpiring decisions especially Garlett's non-goal, but the Blues only had themselves to blame for missing too many easy shots when 5 goals up. As for the Saints, when the umps got going in the last quarter the Ducks were never going to lose. 22 - 14 free kick count for the Ducks. They've lost only 2 counts to round 11 this year and top the "ladder" for free kicks. At this time last year they'd lost just one free kick count. Not much has changed in Ducks games, whereas other matches were deemed to be well umpired in general by both winning and losing coaches.

The Gold Coast Suns are on fire and the Giants put on a bold display against the Cats, and they too will be a force - it is Demetriou's main objective to get these two teams in the finals asap, and win a Premiership. That leaves a team like Melbourne with just about no hope whatsoever.

The other talking point for the round is the ramp up of the Swans. Get your hard-earned on them now for the Flag. Two years ago when the Juddy Blues beat them in the wet at the SCG I could've sworn they were on the downhill slide to mediocre mid-tableness. Now, in two weeks time, I'm sure they'll absolutely slaughter the Blues, who are looking very mid-table indeed. Who would've picked it?

Let's roll the tape for round 11. I can't watch this week.  Too many Bomber highlights. Hit it, Aris, then on to the Uglybustards tipping results.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

AFL R10 - Teriffic Tigers Tame Toofless Ducks

That's right. Ducks don't have no teef do they. But they do have long necks apparently.

That was an upset that caused no less than six (6!!!) Uglybustards to miss out on a Hungry Jacks Whopper, myself included. It seems Richmond diehard Simon Williams may have been the only tipster in Australia to have tipped the Tigers. Besides @kevinBartlett29 of course.

Every other game went pretty much as expected with the 50/50s in doggies/port and crows/dockers perhaps causing some pain for some. Not much else to say as there's been too many faux pas already this week, but we can't omit a mention of the little Master who continues to thrill them down at Geelong. Under lights for the first time as well. No doubt Gary Ablett Jnr's epitaph will be "died of leather poisoning".

Roll the tape Dimitri, and we'll discuss the Uglybustards ladders for tipping and the margin.