Monday, June 24, 2013

AFL Results R13 - Brisbane Burst Brad's Bubble

Joined the injury list meself this week getting me hand caught in the meat shredder. Muriel from the typing pool's done the honours. Never stopped me from playin the 62 GF so wont stop me now!!

Uglybustard vs meat shredder
Uglybustard v meatshredder
What a classic round of footy considering only 5 games were played. Brad Scott was handed a flag in his 1st year of coaching by a team he admitted coached themselves. On the weekend there came a time when that team needed a cluey coach to stop momentum building into an unspeakable loss. And Brad Scott was exposed. Badly. What moves did he make to stop the rot? What message did he send out via the runner? With his team continuing to play-on with seconds left, a point up and in possession, they lost the 4 points when it was theirs for the taking.  You gotta do more than sit there in "restrained fury". You gotta actually make some moves son. Makes you think what would've happened if Neeld had've had a sliding doors moment with Scott - who would be on the scrap heap and who would have a flag?

More strange was how the Lions' 8 goal last quarter was kick-started, literally, by the ump (yes, the man in green, what do they call them these days, boogie instead of maggot) getting in the way of a Stevie J miskick that rebounded off his shin into a magnificent goal assist as Brisbane took it down the corridor and slotted it from CHF.  37 Supercoach points to the ump for that little effort. Geisch still on holidays?  Too scared to return no doubt.

Kurt Tippett made a dream return that soon turned into a nightmare, booting a major in the 1st minute only for the Swans to capitulate to Port in the other upset of the round.

The Lions and Power victories make the final 8 race more interesting, and while it was a relief to not have to watch my beloved Blues get overrun for yet another "admirable" loss, they now have some new rivals for 8th spot.  Round 23 Port v Blues at Alberton could decide both teams' fate for 2013.

Roll the tape Stavros.  And check out Tyrone Vickery's mark.

Uglybustards Tipping Comp...

We are in a holding pattern at the top of the table with just the six games played.  Sam Griggs holds his lead of one point over Andy, while two-time-Uglybustards champ Arnold Layne remains in third place. Simon Williams dropped from 5th to 8th as he was the only tipster in the top 16 not to tip the regulation 4/6, going for the Dees "new coach" speculator. Flopalot was the only tipster to get 5/6, tipping Port, and was crucified by an appalling coaching performance by Brad Scott that cost him the weekly prize. Not to mention McGrath's coolness under presha.

In the Margin comp there wasn't much movement as well. The Lace maintains 1st place in the prize pool and her 5 goal lead over #Car17on and DrBB, with Simon Williams and Quokka remaining in the minor prize pool positions, 7 goals back. But hey, that's nothing to the Lions.

More details on the Tipping Ladder page if you scroll down to the Margin ladder.

No change in the Trivia comp this week. Griggsy is 28 points ahead of Rotten Ronnie who is one point ahead of me. To join the Trivia comp, login to then go to

As mentioned above, in the Weekly Prize Flopalot was desperately unlucky not to take out this week's $5. That means we have $10 up for grabs next week.

Good luck in Round 14, getcha tips in early as the round starts Thursday!
Disclaimer: these posts are the work of an Ugly Bustard late at night after the odd tsipouro or three and are prone to contain erroneous errors.

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