Monday, April 30, 2012

AFL Round 5 Results - Billycat Jags 2nd Jackpot as Goodes Grounds Hawks

Eight tipsters who all got 8/9 were pipped at the post by Billycat who has somehow pulled off his 2nd Uglybustards jackpot in only 5 weeks! I think its time for a urine test. Griggsy can you administer one for me please and send Billycat's sample by express post. No substituting either.

If you got the Anzac Clash you were on your way to a reasonable round, with the first crucial 50/50 under your belt. The Adelaide/Port Derby and even the Freo/Smurfs game both good ones to get right. But the upsets are the icing on the cake. Only Billycat, gonadbreath and The Lace gave the Swans any chance of doin it fer Goodsey.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

AFL Round 4 Results - emBattled Blues Bumble under Bruising Bomber Barrage

The Bombers gave the Blues a right old touch up in the biggest upset of the round. Even Hirdy was quoted as saying no-one in Australia would've tipped them. Well done to our Madnurse who must have been the only tipster in Australia to get it right. The Bombers have done a magnificent job of keeping a low profile this season, even Ratten called them out for flying under the radar before last week's game.

The rivalry between the Blues and the Bombers is such that the underdog always seems to come through. Who can forget the 1999 preliminary final?  You may have got us this time Bombers fans, but remember that revenge is a Broo Beer best served cold.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

AFL Round 3 Results - Ballistic Blues Blitz Pies & Rampaging Roos Roll Cats

Well you could see that Blues / Pies train wreck coming a mile away. My only regret is I didnt stick with my 10 goal prediction!  As for the Roos, only Rotten Ronnie Andrews had the intestinal fortitude to pick them against a bone weary Geelong side, even then the Cats came storming home.  The Cats look the goods again, along with the Eagles, Hawks, Blues, and maybe the Saints and Swans. With the Roos' favourable draw which sees them with 2 effective percentage boosting byes against Gold Coast and GWS, they might be knocking on the door of the top 4. The Pies?  They're gawn. New coach, new style, a few key retirements, a few long term knee injuries, in-fighting, out-fighting - Mick's doing a great job of psychologically disassembling them!

Let's go to the round 3 highlights reel...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

AFL Round 2 Results - Kennett Curse Continues at Cattery as Cut-throat Cats Cull Hapless Hawks

Hats off to the tipsters who went for the Cats to down the Hawks, making it 8 wins in a row since the 2008 upset GF loss, most of the wins by a few points, and coming from behind at 3/4 time.

Zenben followed up his good work in Round 1 to take outright lead in both the Tipping and Margin comps with a full card tip of 9 and 16 from 18 tips so far. He was one of seven Uglybustards Tipsters to get the card. The Whoppers will run out at Hungry Jacks this week.

Let's roll the tape for round 2...

Friday, April 06, 2012

Eddie Betts Mark of The Year (twice)

Eddie Betts went ballistic at the Gabba last night, entering orbit twice.  Dennis Commetti made the insightful comment that his famous "parachute pants" actually helped him land.  At least now we know why he wears them.


But were either of Eddie's hangers better than Cyril's last week?

Monday, April 02, 2012

Round 1 AFL Results

Hi Tipsters,
Season 2012 is finally underway with a crackerjack round to open proceedings. A couple of cliffhangers, a bit of biffo and a few reports, and it seems like we're half way through the year already, with Yarran slotting goal of the year and Rioli giving the mark of the year a shake.

It looks like its going to be very tough to get the jackpot this year with an extra game to pick, and the changing of the guard taking place perhaps.  Here's this week's highlights package;

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Scarlett Vs. Ballantyne

Geelong's Mathew Scarlett has finally let his ego get the better of him.

After years at the top of the AFL, I've always thought the way Scarlett plays the game its like he almost shows disdain for the opposition. It's become his competition, no-one else has got the right to challenge him or his team, the mighty Cats, or heaven forbid, sledge him or his team mates.