Monday, April 02, 2012

Round 1 AFL Results

Hi Tipsters,
Season 2012 is finally underway with a crackerjack round to open proceedings. A couple of cliffhangers, a bit of biffo and a few reports, and it seems like we're half way through the year already, with Yarran slotting goal of the year and Rioli giving the mark of the year a shake.

It looks like its going to be very tough to get the jackpot this year with an extra game to pick, and the changing of the guard taking place perhaps.  Here's this week's highlights package;

You'll notice we have a new site - updates are via the site instead of email.  The Tipping Ladder is a direct feed from the footytips site, it updates during a round,  you don't have to login to, just bookmark the page on this site.

 If you've got something to say, anyone can comment at the end of a post or page.  But try to keep it (reasonably) clean. But if you've got some feedback, let us know.  Or you can email me at

We've got 5 joint leaders with 7/9 - Zenben, Cowell, Craig Nettlebeck, Quokka and Madnurse.  Reigning Champ Griggsy is off to a slow start with 5, and runner-up powerful is next to last with 4.

Broo Beer are on board once more in 2012, a merchandise pack will go to the winner of the tipping comp.

The Margin comp is on again with the winner taking home a coveted Uglybustards t-shirt.  Cowboy won one last year, he hasn't taken it off since.  BecCG leads Iain Johnson by a point after round 1.

Weekly jackpots will depend on how many enter the Prize Pool.  Deadline for payment is April 30. Details will be finalised on the Prizes page at that time.  To be eligible for any of the prizes, you must have entered the Prize Pool fee of $20.

Trivia (log in to and go to is the new Uglybustards comp this year that has prizes.  Uglybustards merchandise will be awarded, either an Ugly T-shirt, Executive Pen, or UglyBustards Beer Bag.

The Laugh Garage are also providing passes to their Comedy Shows again this year.

Length of season:  Remember, the margin and ladder comps for Uglybustards run to the end of the finals series.  It's a 27 round season in 2012.

Good luck with your tipping this week.  Don't forget it starts Thursday!

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