Sunday, September 29, 2013

AFL Finals Week 4 - Hawks Happy

Despite desperate denials by deluded Dockers fans, the astute footy judgement of Uglybustards was proven correct on the last Satdee in September.

Lack of scoring finesse hurt Freo, with small forward Ballas a culprit much like Milney in the Saints losses. In defence Zac Dawson's pitiful stats (0 kicks, 7 handballs) just didn't stack up against his counterpart at the other end in Brian Lake (16k, 6hb). It was justice that Lake received the Norm Smith, as the other contender in Gunston had the unfair advantage of having Dawson on him. But it was a pity that we didn't get a Norman for Gunston.

Zac Dawson unlucky to miss out on Norm Smith medal for Hawthorn
In Lyon's four GFs his teams have now kicked 9.14, 10.8, 7.10 and 8.14.

Meanwhile Hawthorn, while 5th best defensive team, were far and away the most potent, scoring a telling 25% more than Freo over the season.

For Lyon's part he says he won't crumble.  I would, however, humbly suggest he seeks out a good head-shrink before pre-season, and reads the Malcolm Blight coaching instruction manual on how to kick a goal.

The experienced Hawks have proved themselves a very hard team to beat with their excellent draft recruiting topped up at the trade table with Lake, Gunston, Guerra, Burgoyne and Hale. Can't see those players wanting to go to Melbourne.  The AFL "social" system remains compromised on this point, with the strong clubs attracting trades and free / restricted agents while the lesser clubs are pretty much doomed.

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Let's roll the final tape of the year Nikodemos, then read on for the final Uglybustards tipping results for 2013. Well done Hawthorn (you bustards).

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

AFL Finals Week 3 - Purple and Brown

The favourites came to the fore for the 2nd week in a row in the Prelims after this year's final series began with a few upsets. The good news is we have the best two teams at the pointy end of the season, which means the Grand Final should be a ripsnorter.

Hawthorn's prelim final scoreline was eerily similar to last year's 5 point win over Adelaide where it also almost kicked itself out of contention. However the win over the Cats was much more meritorious and should stand them in good stead for Satdee. And wouldn't Varcoe be spewing.

Freo on the other hand have developed a new style of play seen by no other team this year. Fanatical frenzied pressure at the ball carrier. They did it to perfection against the Swans in the first half but can they keep it up for 120 minutes against an outfit like Hawthorn?

Freo's lack of experience will tell
That for me is the big worry.  As well as their decision to wear the white clash strip instead of the purple, after the AFL forced them to wear white shorts. A white haze descending on the MCG just doesn't feel right.  Then there is the Hawks' finals experience. Whereas Freo has been a basketcase for so long and make their GF debut Satdee.
Finally how can a team with Zac Dawson win a flag.  For mine it is the Hawks by 25.

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Time to roll the prelim finals tapes Acropolis, then read on for the latest Uglybustards tipping results. And well done Gaz Yaaaaaablett takin Charley home for the 2nd time.

Monday, September 16, 2013

AFL Results Finals Week 2 - Top Four Through

As expected the top four are through to the Preliminary Finals this weekend. Port Adelaide went closest to an upset and might have done so if not for the 3rd quarter when the Cats smashed them. The Swans were the big performers of the semi's, in a team missing key stars LRT, Goodsey and Sam Reid, then losing Tippett and Mitchell in the first quarter, they took Carlton apart, embarrassing their high draft picks with some typical "Bloods" footy. McVeigh's 20 possessions in the 2nd quarter a finals record, his total of 42 for the match only second to Dane Swan's 43 in a finals match. And he did it on one knee.

This week again sees the top two teams favoured to win.  The Hawks are set to finally beat the Kennett Curse after 11 losses. However last time they met in round 15 this year, the Cats had their measure leading by 33 points before getting across the line by 10.

Barich pledges to paint house with toofpick
The Swans are facing mission impossible at Subi this week against a rested Dockers side. The only thing going for them is 80s Eagle Adrian Barich's call that he'll paint a mates house with a toothbrush if Freo get done.  After the Swan's injuries he amended this statement to using a toothpick instead.  Go Swannies.

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Dim the lights Zorba, and let's roll the tape of the Semi Final highlights, and don't forget to read on for the latest Uglybustards tipping results. BTW Westhoff's last korter potshot aint bad.

Monday, September 09, 2013

2013 AFL Finals Week 1 - Upsets Abound

A sensational start to the 2013 AFL Finals Series saw Collingwood booted out, Geelong beaten at the Cattery for only the 2nd time in over 40 games, and a 9th placed team in the Blues create history and progress to the 2nd week.  The only match that went to script was the Hawks belting a depleted Swans.

Sweet hangover after Blues win
Having tipped 2 of those 3 "upsets" I can tell you the writing was on the wall. Freo has the talent to go all the way and the Blues had the wood on Richmond. The one that got me was Port Power pounding the 'Pies. It is quite incredible that Collingwood who were in great form just a few weeks back have now finished 8th, while Carlton, a team they smashed by 41 points recently, is into the semis. Ken Hinkley gets my nod as coach of the year over Rossy Lyon at this stage, getting the Power up from the footy wilderness.

As for the Blues come from behind win on the weekend, I celebrated long and hard and paid for it dearly on Monday morning (see pic). I'll be at ANZ Stadium with Little Bustard this week to see Carlton down the Swans and will no doubt have an even bigger hangover next Monday.

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Read on for a video review of eight telling plays in each of the Finals matches on the weekend, and for the latest Uglybustards tipping results.  Great highlights including a Heath Shaw brain explosion.

Roll the tape Monopoly...

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Show Us Your Finals Footy Form - Uglybustards Finals Photo Competition

** This competition finished 4th October 2013 - The winners were Deb Smith and Trent Mayne **

hi there all youse Uglybaaaaaaaaastaaaaaaards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes Finals Footy is here once more and if your team didn't get in, bad luck there is always next year - or the year after next year if you're a Bombers Fan!

We here at Uglybustards are always interested in what our punters get up to over the finals series, so for all you happy snappers out there this year we are running a "Show Us Your Footy Finals Form" photo competition.

Monday, September 02, 2013

AFL Results R23 - Blues do a Bradbury

As well documented on Twitter, the Blues did a Bradbury last week thanks to Hirdy & co, then almost threw it away in a thrilling weekend of footy where the permutations experts were going haywire.

Malthouse does a Bradbury
There was Ross Lyon keeping half his team in cotton wool and expecting the Cats to easily put Brisbane away. He was almost made to look silly by forfeiting a home final when the Lions scared the bejeezus out of both the Cats and Blues supporters. The Lions should've taken the points to temporarily nab 8th spot but for Ryan Lester's shot being touched on the line. At this same point in time the Power had jumped the blues booting the 1st 3 goals and looked well and truly home and hosed by midway in the 3rd quarter, leading by 39 points. While the unlucky Lions wouldve been feeling sick and sorry for themselves, this paved the way for the Crows who were taking on a decimated Ducks team at Subi, meaning they only had to win by a few goals to bridge the % gap Carlton had on them. And Norf were waiting in the wings on Sunday, needing a win over Collingwood which they duly delivered in a game where both teams wore teflon the tackle count was so low.  But somehow the Blues came back as Port ran out of puff, and yet still the Blues were incredibly lucky Broadbent's shot hit the post with seconds remaining.

Norf, the Crows, the Lions and Carlton all showed they would've put up a better show than a emotionally shot and dispirited Essendon in the finals. It was just a matter of which one.

Let's take a look at the AFL's top ten moments of the weekend, featuring the boundary umpie from 1979 who assisted Eddie Betts with a goal of the year nomination, and Jeremy Howe's usual array of screamers. One day he's gonna jump clean outa the stadium.

Roll the tape Oligarkis, then read on for the latest in Uglybustards tipping results.