Monday, September 16, 2013

AFL Results Finals Week 2 - Top Four Through

As expected the top four are through to the Preliminary Finals this weekend. Port Adelaide went closest to an upset and might have done so if not for the 3rd quarter when the Cats smashed them. The Swans were the big performers of the semi's, in a team missing key stars LRT, Goodsey and Sam Reid, then losing Tippett and Mitchell in the first quarter, they took Carlton apart, embarrassing their high draft picks with some typical "Bloods" footy. McVeigh's 20 possessions in the 2nd quarter a finals record, his total of 42 for the match only second to Dane Swan's 43 in a finals match. And he did it on one knee.

This week again sees the top two teams favoured to win.  The Hawks are set to finally beat the Kennett Curse after 11 losses. However last time they met in round 15 this year, the Cats had their measure leading by 33 points before getting across the line by 10.

Barich pledges to paint house with toofpick
The Swans are facing mission impossible at Subi this week against a rested Dockers side. The only thing going for them is 80s Eagle Adrian Barich's call that he'll paint a mates house with a toothbrush if Freo get done.  After the Swan's injuries he amended this statement to using a toothpick instead.  Go Swannies.

Remember that great prizes are up for grabs in the Uglybustards "Show Us Your Footy Finals Form" Photo Comp which closes Monday 30th September after the GF. Prizes outweigh entries at this stage so plenty of chances to win that Uglybustards T-shirt and stubbyholder. If you've taken any snaps during the finals series so far, send 'em in! You can Enter here on Facebook, tweet your snap with #showyourform, or email me.

Dim the lights Zorba, and let's roll the tape of the Semi Final highlights, and don't forget to read on for the latest Uglybustards tipping results. BTW Westhoff's last korter potshot aint bad.

Bloods Bully Baleful Blues in Bleak Bloodbath

Port Power Pipped at Post by Cool Cats

Uglybustards Tipping Comp...

Most top tipsters went conservative again and this week it paid off.  Anthony Aiello who was 4th overall and 3rd in the prize pool made a brave all-out assault on 2nd place, which unfortunately for him didn't come off. By tipping Port Adelaide and Carlton he has dropped to 11th.  Tipping can be a harsh and cruel master.

As a result reigning Champ Longee takes Anthony's place, behind the top 3 in Sam Griggs, powerful and Craig Nettlebeck, who remain as they were from last week. A point behind Longee are a raft of tipsters locked together on 148 points with 3 games to go. Simon Williams, Amy Jones, Arnold Layne and Mik Barley are all a chance for 3rd place prize money.  Jack McPhee is also on 148 but playing for glory only. Mik Barley was the only one of the group besides Aiello who went a roughy in the Blues.

With a good margin pick Sam Griggs climbed 27 places to 54th overall on the site ladder, a smidgeon outside the top 50 out of half a million tipsters. While 4 off the lead and no chance to bring home the bacon for Uglybustards, with a bit of luck he could crack the 20s.

The Lace continued her outstanding form in the Margin Comp just 9 off the margin and holds a 49 point lead over Sam Griggs who has made a steady climb up the ladder into 2nd place. DrBB slipped to 3rd, three points behind Sam, while glen mcphee is 4th overall, a further 18 points back. Andy is 5th and 3rd on the prize pool standings 21 points behind Sam, #Car17on is 6th overall, and Simon Williams, Amy Jones and Quokka are still a chance for the 3rd place prize just a couple of goals behind Andy.

More details on the Tipping Ladder page if you scroll down to the Margin ladder.

In the Trivia comp I've completed my final round and finished the season with 228/270 at 84.4%, ranked 71st out of 11,540 trivia contestants on the site. While Rotten Ronnie still leads Griggsy by a solitary point, it is still mathematically possible for Griggsy to take out this comp if he gets 4 perfect rounds of 10/10 in his last four attempts.  It's a bit like Malcolm Blight lining up from full back after the siren blind-folded balancing a jug of tequila on his head while being spun round seven times before kicking.

This week's Weekly Prize of $15 was won by the boot who got the regulation 2/2 and was a goal off the 16 point margin which the Cats did Port by. The boot was actually 3rd but Huru Gurus (3 points off) and glen mcphee (also 6 points off) were glory-hunters only this year, and will be kicking themselves to miss out on such riches. Next week we are back to $5.

Good luck with your tipping for the preliminary finals, a couple of classic games coming up. May your tipping Gods go with you.

Disclaimer: these posts are the work of an Ugly Bustard late at night after the odd tsipouro or three and are prone to contain erroneous errors.

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