Tuesday, July 31, 2012

AFL Results Round 18 - Nek Minut McLean's Good Fanks

Man of the moment Brock McLean is in the papers for all the right and wrong reasons this week, firstly booting the winning goal against the Tigers, then playing another starring role with Gerard Healy On The Couch Mondee night where not only did he blow Melbourne's 2009 tanking debacle out of the water, but slipped in "good fanks" and even a "nek minut" on Pay TV!! And now he's about to suffer a severe probing by the AFL. Oh dear.

From the same match were several controversial goal video reviews which shows the AFL clearly have a lot of work to do, and on the weekend they commissioned me to come up with an AFL video review solution, which already has more than 20 comments, although I think I will be sacking a few Uglybustards staff who managed to let some of the more unsavoury ones past the strict filtering standards.

On to the highlights before I puke:

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Is the AFL Goal Video Review Working?

With two posters given goals in recent AFL Grand Finals - Tom Hawkins 2009 and Sharrod Wellingham 2011 - the AFL had to do something. And after much debate, a video review was decided as the solution for the 2012 season.  But is it the best one? Not only as far as accuracy, but cost, and interruption to the game.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

AFL Results Round 17 - How High is Howe

If Jeremy Howe doesn't win mark of the year in 2012 I'll go he. He's got the top two contenders so far with the one against the Swans courtesy of Heath Grundy's head, and the one against Port Adelaide this week.

An awful lot of Hawthorn v Collingwood and North Melbourne v Richmond games in the top ten highlights this week. Is Demetriou aware that there were 7 other games, or is he simply intent on showing the old footy teams he used to play for in Hawthorn and Norf, and get Tassie to continue to finance them at the expense of having their own team.

Roll the tape before I puke.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

AFL Results Round 16 - Judd Grilled and Stuffed

The Tribunal lost all respect when a County Court Judge sentenced Judd to 4 weeks for simply holding an arm. What is a County Court Judge doing on the panel anyway? Where was an expert like Colonel Sanders? Instead Leigh Adams should've been taking the stand for a disgraceful act of staging. Pretending his shoulder had been ripped from its socket by Judd's gentle arm hold.

On to the highlights reel before I puke. And remember, Demetriou is to blame.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

AFL Results Round 15 - Saints Do Dons in Drag

The heat's off Ratten for a few days and should be on Hird for making his Bombers charges wear what could only be described as the used ladies Myer lingerie display as their "clash" strip against StKilda. How ridiculous did it look, and why is a clash strip needed anyway? We never had any problems recognising teams in the mud of the 60s and 70s before ground drainage was built in for all arenas, so why now?

Marketing, that's why. Forcing fans to buy a new and completely ridiculous jumper each year. And remember, Demetriou's to blame.

On to the highlights reel and round 15 tipping results before I puke.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

AFL Results Rounds 13 & 14. Spot Prize #4 - Manflu Kneecaps Uglybustard

A severe bout of manflu has all but kneecapped your tipping correspondent. Haven't felt this bad since Cowboy sent a daisycutter drop kick right into me nads at 5 yards when I was standing the mark in the 1947 Grand Final.  But like I did then with knackers the size of the Hindenburg, I will continue to soldier on.

A quick squiz at the highlight reels for rounds 13 & 14.