Tuesday, July 31, 2012

AFL Results Round 18 - Nek Minut McLean's Good Fanks

Man of the moment Brock McLean is in the papers for all the right and wrong reasons this week, firstly booting the winning goal against the Tigers, then playing another starring role with Gerard Healy On The Couch Mondee night where not only did he blow Melbourne's 2009 tanking debacle out of the water, but slipped in "good fanks" and even a "nek minut" on Pay TV!! And now he's about to suffer a severe probing by the AFL. Oh dear.

From the same match were several controversial goal video reviews which shows the AFL clearly have a lot of work to do, and on the weekend they commissioned me to come up with an AFL video review solution, which already has more than 20 comments, although I think I will be sacking a few Uglybustards staff who managed to let some of the more unsavoury ones past the strict filtering standards.

On to the highlights before I puke:

Uglybustards Tipping Results Round 18

Well well well reigning champ Griggsy who has been slowly climbing up the tipping ladder all year has finally hit the lead five weeks out from the finals.  You can't stop the cream rising to the top.  But of course he's peaked way too early and will crumble under the presha from this point on.   Longee didn't do a lot wrong on the weekend, and in fact only lost the lead via the barest of margins and is still level on points.  One point behind is Elmo who is also a fraction behind Griggsy in the margin.  Its come down to a race in 3 for the 2012 title, as Uglybustard, 4th, and powerful 6th slipped back a point, with Craig Nettlebeck climbing back into 5th.

Yours truly has made a comprehensive break in the margin comp, moving out to a 3 goal lead by picking a hefty Hawthorn margin. If anyone near the top hadda gone the whole hog they couldve blown the comp apart. The consistent Rod Carter moves up one place into 2nd, while early pace setter David Feck'Em drops back to 3rd, twenty nine points behind, after he momentarily regained top spot last week.  Very interesting Friday night margin match coming up this week as the in form Hawks attempt to smash the Cats hoodoo and the Kennet Kurse.

Well ya wouldnt believe it but Billycat won his 3rd jackpot for the season this week, taking the $20, and building his jackpot tally up to $45 so far.  And he only just won it by a single point in the margin from the unlucky zenben. Take it easy Billy and leave some leftovers for the rest of us willya?

In the Trivia Comp, Griggsy is on the rampage about to overtake Rotten Ronnie Andrews and move into 2nd.  Gee I hope I've rigged this comp well enough to ensure he cant catch me as well.  He'll have to reel in a 21 point deficit in 4 rounds, surely it can't be possible. Can it?

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