Tuesday, August 12, 2014

2014 R16-20 Blue Girl Grabs lead by the Gonads

As we race towards a Collingwood-free finals series yippee! (thats for @the_tony) rounds 16 to 20 saw some twists to the various Uglybustards ladders - struggling to keep track there are so many these days. As a result and after much Broo-fuelled deliberations, to reward pure tipping skill the Board of Uglybustards in all its generosity has decided to award podium prizes for the Standard ladder as well as the prizes already available for the Sam Griggs Joker Ladder and Margin Ladder. However the prize money remains with the Joker ladder. And of course we reserve the right to change our minds once the collective Board sobers up.

But cheer up Uglybustards, an added bonus for next week is the jackpot didn't go off yet again thanks to yours truly tipping against my beloved Blue Baggers and round 21 sees a veritable fortune of $35 up for grabs!

All this and more in your Round 16-20 Uglybustards Update (next year there will be just the one round 1-GF update)...