Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Umpire Strikes Back R21 2017

I am compelled to backup from last week's post. One week after a specktackulaaaaahhh effort by Sam Griggs, his old man Griggsy who is a has-been umpire in the Tas footy league, who was obviously deeply offended by last week's Uglybustards column, has gone and played the joker with the five point bonus to max out with a Terwenteeeeeeeeeeeee-threeeee-White-Pointer and hit the lead in the Uglybustards 2017 Title Premiership Cup leading the race for the Uglybustards 2017 Guernsey two weeks out from finals!!!!

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Jackpot Goes Off R20 2017

...and he goes back to take the kick from the half back flank and he looks like he's goin the torp.  By Geeberz he's really gotten on to that one its going a full 80 metres down to centre half forward the wind got under it and its gone a country mile! A big pack's formed the big fellas jostling for position I dunno who's gonna pluck it Dennis... AND OVER THE TOP ITS SAAAAAM GRIIIIIIGGS FROM NOWHEEEEERREEEE!!!!! PLUCKS THE JACKPOT, POCKETS 90 BUCKS AND MOVES INTO 2017 UGLYBUSTARDS PREMIERSHIP CONTENTION!!! - all in one week's tipping.  Noice work if you can do it...