Monday, May 28, 2012

R9: 1st Spot Prize & "A Fighting Fury" returns!

Victorian police have arrested a frail bald old man armed with a toothless hair comb, running directly towards goal at Punt Rd with no chance of a handball, singing

Oh, we're from Tigerland,
A fighting fury, we're from Tigerland,
Like Jamie Durie you will see us with a grin,
Fighting hard to win,
If we're behind then never mind,
We'll kick 'em in the shin.
For we're from Tigerland,
We'll never weaken 'til the final siren's gone.
Like a tiger of old,
We're hungry and bald.
For we're from Tiger yellow and black,
For we're from Tigerland!

and a memo to Saints fans - arent you glad Rossy Lyon's at Freo.

That sums up Round 9.  Let's roll the tape, get into the tipping results and give away the first Uglybustards Spot Prize* for 2012.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Why Brett Kirk should have his own Footy Show

Out-there garden gnome Costa.
It's time for something different. A breath of fresh air in the constipated toilet of AFL Footy Shows these days. It's time for a courageous TV producer to back in Brett Kirk, the Costa Georgiades (see ABC1's gardening show and you'll see what I mean) of the AFL, to run his own Footy Show "Brett's Quirks".

First, let's assess the current AFL commentary teams and Footy Shows. In my humble opinion, the only current AFL show with a different angle, and worth watching, is Marn Grook. Then there's the rest.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Club Crisis as Crows Crush Carlton

Another injury to a Blues star as Murphy crumbles under the impact of Crows wrecking ball Patrick Dangerfield. Will the Crows kill Collingwood this week to make it a trifecta of culling Cats, Carlton and Collingwood in three straight weeks? Let's hope so. We can't let the filth escape. 

Meanwhile the Blues face Melbourne this week, and based on current form this should be a close, tight encounter that goes right down to the wire.

We know How Hi is a Chinaman. But How High is Howe. Lets roll the tape for Round 8.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Uglybustards Snares Celebrity Tipster!

Through an extensive period of multi-million dollar contract negotiations with the tough-as-brass-balls SBS Mythbusters Management Group Pty. Ltd., Ugly Bustards AFL Footy Tipping is proud to announce the signing (on a Form Four) of Mythbusters narrator, Mr Robert Lee, as the Celebrity Tipster for 2012.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

AFL R7 - Upsets Abound as Sheedy's Giants Break Duck

A round of upsets in the AFL have tipsters around Australia pulling their collective hair out.  It all started Satdee with the Giants blocking out the Suns, the Crows crushing the Cats and the Tigers mauling the Swans. Then on Sunday the Doggies doggy doo-doo'ed the Kangas, and the round of upsets was complete on Monday when the Saints smashed the Blues. By rights, 4/9 was an acceptable round of tipping.

Now lets roll the tape for this week.  Including the extra one with Milney taking on the entire Carlton backline.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Goodes Grounded as Crows Crash Swans Soiree - R6 AFL Wrap Up

Last week it was Goodsey Grounding the Hawks, but this week its Goodsey Grounded for 6 weeks!

With the Swans seemingly in control in a tight tussle with the Crows, Goodsey's gone and torn a quad high up on his leg.  Goodsey Gawn - Swans Gawn. This could see the Swans stumble with the Tiges and Sainters coming up in the the next 3 weeks.  The Tiges are back on the winners list, Kevin Bartlett's creamin his jeans and it wont be long til they're a force like they were 40, 50 or 60 years ago.  Some time last millennium anyway.