Thursday, May 17, 2012

Uglybustards Snares Celebrity Tipster!

Through an extensive period of multi-million dollar contract negotiations with the tough-as-brass-balls SBS Mythbusters Management Group Pty. Ltd., Ugly Bustards AFL Footy Tipping is proud to announce the signing (on a Form Four) of Mythbusters narrator, Mr Robert Lee, as the Celebrity Tipster for 2012.

Rob Lee (left) & friends
Mr Lee said he was delighted to be a part of Uglybustards for the remainder of the 2012 AFL footy season, and that he would do a steadfast job in holding up the ladder from the bottom with both feet firmly placed on the lowest rung.

He said that Mythbusters was just one part of his extensive portfolio, and that Uglybustards would take top priority from this point forward. "Obviously, it is going to take all of my creative juices and artistic abilities to be able to put my tips in on the website each week.  I'm sure Mythbusters management will understand if I'm left a bit flat for the show on Monday after watching my tips fail all weekend."

Mr Lee said he's a lively tweeter on Twitter, and welcomed any suggestions from fellow Uglybustards tipsters for myths to bust.

So if any of you tipsters  have a myth you want tested, such as do you really need a flat head to balance a full schooner of beer on it, be sure to tweet Rob, and maybe it'll get on the show.

Don't forget to tune in to SBS on Mondays 7:30pm to catch the latest Mythbusters episode and be seduced by the dulcimer tones of Robert Lee.


Anonymous said...

ask the numbnut why didnt the earth spin out of orbit when it go hit by the massive dinosaur meteor.........

and then ask him whats gunna happen in 100 years time...........

/ fkn turned into a circus this once respectable tipping comp

Anonymous said...

out rageaius

fk this shite ........... it needs a total revamp...

in fact .the administrator needs toi have his admin in sterateoided....

tk u


Unknown said...

its come to the attention of Uglybustards that gonadbreath might take the jackpot this week. At late notice the jackpot for round 8 has been cancelled. Repeat, the jackpot for round 8 has been cancelled.