Tuesday, May 15, 2012

AFL R7 - Upsets Abound as Sheedy's Giants Break Duck

A round of upsets in the AFL have tipsters around Australia pulling their collective hair out.  It all started Satdee with the Giants blocking out the Suns, the Crows crushing the Cats and the Tigers mauling the Swans. Then on Sunday the Doggies doggy doo-doo'ed the Kangas, and the round of upsets was complete on Monday when the Saints smashed the Blues. By rights, 4/9 was an acceptable round of tipping.

Now lets roll the tape for this week.  Including the extra one with Milney taking on the entire Carlton backline.

and now here's Milney being very gracious about his lucky goal;

The upsets have seen massive lead changes in the Ugly Bustards Footy Tipping ladder this week.  Longee maintains top spot but only just, level on points with the fast moving reigning champ Griggsy continuing his amazing climb up the ladder.  Griggsy's gone from 21st to 2nd in six weeks.  Powerful continues his ascendancy as well and moves up to 11th.  3rd place this week is Craig Nettlebeck, who drops one spot.

We have a lead change in the Margin comp as David Feck'Em overtakes Pete Connor, although Feck'Em is playing for Glory only and has not entered the Prize Pool.  Pete leads the in the race for the coveted Uglybustards merchandise, but is closely followed by Longee, Rod Carter, zenben and gonadbreath all within 15 points. Prizes go down to 3rd place in the Margin comp this year.

Rotten Ronnie Andrews has made a startling comeback in the Trivia comp and has 90/120 a sterling effort of 75%.  He fired up after he heard 1st prize was a night out with Elle.  He is now just 4 points behind Uglybustard on 94/120. Gonadbreath holds down 3rd on 77/120.

No jackpot again this round, in fact only 3 tipsters got as much as 6/9 this week.

On the Prizes front, your roving Tipping Manager was out and about on Friday night and visited The Laugh Garage in Sydney's CBD.  I picked up several double passes worth $50 each c/o Darren Sanders who runs the joint.  It's always a great night out at The Laugh Garage. Stay tuned to Uglybustards Updates if you want to win these spot prizes.  Remember, only those who have entered the Prize Pool are eligible.

Good luck with your tips this week,

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