Monday, May 19, 2014

2014 R6-9 - Ballistic Ben Busts outa Blocks as Prize Pool Published

Officially we are now 1/3 through the 27 rounds of the season including finals and ZenBen has gone absolutely ballistic busting the field wide open. Not only does he hold the joker ladder lead, the standard ladder and margin ladder lead, he pocketed $30 in the jackpot in R8. If it wasnt for Muddafkkr in the Trivia comp he'd have the clean sweep!

However its early days yet as Paul Roos keeps saying, and astute commentators point towards the standard ladder as a good guide to early form without jokers to influence proceedings. Flopalot is shaping as the dark horse, along with perennial-podium-placegetter and two-time-titleholder Arnold Layne, young talent Bill Griggs, and not forgetting the remonstrator, Mik Barley.