Tuesday, June 03, 2014

2014 R10-11 -Terrific Tussle at Top of Tipping Table

It's taken until round 11 but after a terrific tussle long lasting ladder leader ZenBen has been reeled in by popular uglybustards legend stanleymarsh. It's game on in the joker ladder with both of them sharing the tipping points lead after a bonus fiver full card pick for stanley. Ben's great effort so far enables him to just hold outright first place as he has the better margin.

Meanwhile the jackpot went off like a firecracker up Tony Abbott's arse in round 10 with Anthony Aiello, Flopalot, powerful, John Longmire and stanleymarsh all tipping the smaller full card of 6.  Unfortunately Collingwood diehard Aiello alias @the_tony forfeited the $10 to Flopalot who wisely entered the prize pool, and The Tony forgoes a deposit towards his new set of dentures.