Tuesday, June 03, 2014

2014 R10-11 -Terrific Tussle at Top of Tipping Table

It's taken until round 11 but after a terrific tussle long lasting ladder leader ZenBen has been reeled in by popular uglybustards legend stanleymarsh. It's game on in the joker ladder with both of them sharing the tipping points lead after a bonus fiver full card pick for stanley. Ben's great effort so far enables him to just hold outright first place as he has the better margin.

Meanwhile the jackpot went off like a firecracker up Tony Abbott's arse in round 10 with Anthony Aiello, Flopalot, powerful, John Longmire and stanleymarsh all tipping the smaller full card of 6.  Unfortunately Collingwood diehard Aiello alias @the_tony forfeited the $10 to Flopalot who wisely entered the prize pool, and The Tony forgoes a deposit towards his new set of dentures.

The standard ladder shows Flopalot 2 points ahead of zenben and shaping as the one to beat should he pick his jokers wisely, while theres a pack forming for 3rd that includes Arnold Layne, Mik Barley, the afore-mentioned stanleymarsh and rising star Bill Griggs. Of these, Arnold has used just one joker and Mik none, although he's still way ahead of me and I've already blown two jokers out the back of my pants for no reward. I'm havin a Barry Crocker, a bit like Carlton's run with the whistle in the last 5 mins against the Bears. I mean the Lions.  GWS will do the Blues next now that we've lost our kingpin Bootsma.

Despite the shlock schlaughtering of the cats by the swans, there wasnt that much movement and Uglybustards stalwart Arnold maintains a two point lead over zenben in the margin ladder lead, while Olles jacyna remained 3rd. The remonstrator Mik Barley remonstrated wildy and moved up to 4th place only 27 points off the pace.

Only Lance Armstrong* knows how but the Trivia comp is still being dominated by the Vietnamese debutante the Muddafkkr on 128/150, however Uglybustard 128/160 has pipped her on time differential. Gonadbreath spleeter 118/150 and Val Perovic 106/150 fill 3rd and 4th. To join the Trivia comp, login to footytips.com.au then go to http://www.footytips.com.au/tipping/afl/trivia.
*There will be copious amounts of urine testing in this competition

Ugly Bustards Footy Tipping is now donating stubbyholder funds to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation to support the search for a cure, as my 9yo niece has had the disease for the past 6 years and I thought I finally better get off my arse and do something for once in my pathetic existence as an ugly baaaaarrrstard whose sole purpose in life is to run a footy tipping comp.

Uglybustards donate $5 of every $10 Uglybustards stubbyholder sale towards this cause, so please consider a purchase of this stylish drinking modicum when next you feel a thirst coming on.
Alternatively you can donate directly at www.jdrf.org.au/ugly-bustards-footy-tipping and try and get something back from the mad monk at tax return time (as its June the time is ripe, but as its Tony good luck with that).

Don't forget your tips for round 12, AFL highlights for rounds 10 & 11 below.
Go yoooouuuuuse Uglybaaaaaaaaaaaastaaaaaaaaaaaaaaards!!

PS: Who can spot the homophone in this post? 1st to email uglybustard@uglybustards.com wins dinner for two with Uglybustard! (No don't worry I'll send you a spot prize).

Round 10

Round 11

Disclaimer: This is the work of an Ugly Bustard

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Anonymous said...

Damn it. The only time I win something, I don't win!
sadface @the_tony.