Ugly Bustards Footy Tipping Prizes

Prizes are allocated to the Joker Ladder, the Cumulative Margin and the Standard Ladder as well as the $5 weekly prize. Only paid up members are eligible (non-paying tipsters can still participate for the glory). The prizes for this year's Competitions are as follows;

Joker Ladder:

First 3 split the prize pool as follows;
  • 1st place;  (60% of the prize pool) and the Uglybustards footy guernsey
  • 2nd place; (30% of prize pool) 
  • 3rd place;  (10% of prize pool) 

Cumulative Weekly Prize:

Each week, for 27 weeks right up to the Grand Final, $5 is allotted from the prize pool to the tipper who gets the full card and best margin. If it is not won, the prize accumulates.

Standard Ladder:

The tipster not placing in the top 3 on the Joker Ladder but highest on the season ladder receives an Uglybustards stubbyholder.  (Can someone explain this to me)

Cumulative Margin:

Prize for 1st only. The Winner receives an Uglybustards stubbyholder. You beauty!

To be eligible for these prizes, you must have paid your entry fee of $20 to the Prize Pool by 30th May or the adjusted prize pool deadline as adjudicated by the Uglybustards Board of Directors. After this date those not entered in the Prize Pool and are playing for glory only.

Ugly Bustards Sponsors 

Uglybustards is sponsored by Huru Sports, provider of sports apparel. Look good, play better  and Sydney Brewery

First prize is a Huru Sports AFL guernsey.  You can choose either Uglybustards colours or your favourite AFL team's colours for your guernsey with the details of your footy tipping victory and name on the jumper with the Uglybustards logo and web address.

Sydney Brewery are providing a carton of their craft beer - all paid up tipsters go into the draw after the payment cutoff on May 30th.

Uglybustards Prizes:

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Tipping Champion's Uglybustards guernsey. 
Or choose your AFL team's colours. Provided by Huru Sports.

*** Available for purchase ***

Uglybustards Executive pen for those big contracts when you need to impress

Strut about town in an Uglybustards T-shirt
Uglybustards caffeine injector to perk you when when you can't pick a winner

Stylish Uglybustards cap to keep the glare out at the footy
Environmentally friendly Uglybustards cotton shopping bag for your groceries - and wine / beer

Quench your thirst with an ice-cool coldie thanks to an Uglybustards stubbyholder

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