Monday, May 27, 2013

AFL Results R9 - Goodsey the Great

There's been enough said about last Friday night's indigenous round about a 13 year old's racist comment with the media and social platform sites going berserk. For the record Twitter went crazy with tweets getting stuck right in. I tweeted to support the kid and copped more abuse than when I shoved  into a dog turd in the carpark after our clash in the early 80s. The flak I copped was as bad calling the Eagles and Adam Selwood the "Ducks"!! Well, almost. You can't keep an Eagles supporter quiet for long.

But I just wanna say Goodsey summed it up magnificently in his presser. Well done Goodsey. Send him a tweet  

On to the footy and more upsets than a rigged UFC tournament. Or maybe its just that I had another shocker, as the jackpot went off again. The Swans are back in form, the Pies are lookin dodgy, the Suns are rising fast, and the Crows come from the frickn clouds bootin the last 5 goals to snatch the un-snatchable with 16s on the clock!! Fair Dinkum Brad Scott must be on the pain-killers to numb his senses otherwise he'd be a ravin bloody lunatic by now, what wiv Norf goin' on holiday in time-on in the last korter every friggin week! And no ducking (typo?) Selwood this time.

Let's roll the tape for round 9. Kill the lights Stavros. And kill the volume too if you can't stand Bruce McAvaney creamin himself. Then continue on for the Uglybustards Tipping comp standings this week.

Monday, May 20, 2013

AFL Results R8 - The 'Bustard is Back!

It's great to be back from the land of the goat kebab and watching the AFL live! And what the hell has been happening??? It was hard to pick up the facts but the snippets I did get were that Hirdy's on anabolic steroids to clear up a nagging pimple condition, his mighty Bombers are about to be relegated to the Magoos, and Demetriou's still refusing to put in a Tassie team to replace them.

The other thing I can't fathom is the amount of rule changes that have been made while my back's been turned, this time with marking contests, that are confusing the bejesus out of everyone, and Kevin Bartlett's been right in amongst it, onya KB, ya gotta clear this one up. All for no hands on the shoulders Warwick Capper style but the marking contest needs some clear delineation of what is allowed and what isn't.

As for the actual performance of teams Port are the big movers, or are they? The Suns have started to rise and could do anything in the next few seasons, and make the Power look more like a souflee. The Hawks are lookin' early faves for the flag - a Cats / Hawks Grand Final with the Kennett Curse in tact would be speeeeeecial and I'm here to tell ya its gonna happen. Get your hard earned on it now. Remember you heard it here first on Uglybustards!

And of course there's the Ducks, with the Selwoods leading the way. The umps cost Norf 4 points giving Adam Selwood high when he bent his knees and cannoned into Leigh Adams with his shoulder. How many times do we say the Giesch has to be sacked before the umps are told to wake up to this tactic of drawing the free. Read on to see the tape and make up your own mind: