Monday, May 27, 2013

AFL Results R9 - Goodsey the Great

There's been enough said about last Friday night's indigenous round about a 13 year old's racist comment with the media and social platform sites going berserk. For the record Twitter went crazy with tweets getting stuck right in. I tweeted to support the kid and copped more abuse than when I shoved  into a dog turd in the carpark after our clash in the early 80s. The flak I copped was as bad calling the Eagles and Adam Selwood the "Ducks"!! Well, almost. You can't keep an Eagles supporter quiet for long.

But I just wanna say Goodsey summed it up magnificently in his presser. Well done Goodsey. Send him a tweet  

On to the footy and more upsets than a rigged UFC tournament. Or maybe its just that I had another shocker, as the jackpot went off again. The Swans are back in form, the Pies are lookin dodgy, the Suns are rising fast, and the Crows come from the frickn clouds bootin the last 5 goals to snatch the un-snatchable with 16s on the clock!! Fair Dinkum Brad Scott must be on the pain-killers to numb his senses otherwise he'd be a ravin bloody lunatic by now, what wiv Norf goin' on holiday in time-on in the last korter every friggin week! And no ducking (typo?) Selwood this time.

Let's roll the tape for round 9. Kill the lights Stavros. And kill the volume too if you can't stand Bruce McAvaney creamin himself. Then continue on for the Uglybustards Tipping comp standings this week.

Uglybustards Tipping Comp...

Andy and Sam Griggs extend their joint lead to 3 points on the Tipping Ladder after round 9. Are we seeing an early break by the leaders?

Experienced 2-time winner and inaugural Uglybustards Champ Arnold Layne might have a thing or two to say about that, steadily climbing up the ladder to 3rd spot. Level with him on points but a couple of goals down in margin is yet another of the famous Griggs clan, Billycat, in 4th, who have all but quit their jobs to make a living off me.

However the big mover this week was Quokka up 10 spots from 15th to 5th with 8/9 for the round.

The ladder has bunched up with only 4 points separating 1st from 12th, and 5th to 12th all on the same score. Still a lot of tipsters in it for the 2013 title.

In the Margin comp we have DrBB just maintaining her lead by 3 points after she tipped the Pies last week and the Swans slaughtered em. Cos of this there's been a bit of a shake up with The Lace climbing from 4th to 2nd and #Car17on dropping from 2nd to 4th, while Elmo remains 3rd. But the big mover in the Margin comp was gonadbreath up from 11th to 5th and just 14 points off the lead, which is nothing in modern footy margin tipping.

More details on the Tipping Ladder page if you scroll down to the Margin ladder.

Happy to say I've streeted Griggsy in the Trivia comp and Rotten Ronnie also has him under presha. Rotten must've been swotting up over summer. To join the Trivia comp, login to then go to

Yes I know its unbelievable but the jackpot has gone off yet again, this time with Little Bustard winning it for the 2nd time. He is a model of inconsistency with recent rounds of 9, 2 and 9, which is reflected in his 34th placing on the Uglybustards ladder! (Jackpot winnings depend on number of prize pool entries).

Prize Pool

We have just 12 tipsters paid up so far, with 2 more pledged. We need at least 20 paid entries to pay out the jackpot, so if you've had a win so far and haven't joined, do so now. Only 5 days to get your $20 entry fee in for the Prize Pool. The deadline is this Friday May 31st.  Email for details on how to pay.  For those of you who paid last year, the details are the same, but remember to email me and ID yourself on payment so I know its you.

To be eligible for any of the prizes on Uglybustards you need to have paid your entry fee. If you don't pay you can still play for glory and get your name in the Hall of Fame. The Prizes for each comp will be confirmed after May 31st.

Good luck in Round 10,
Disclaimer: these posts are the work of an Ugly Bustard late at night after the odd tsipouro or three and are prone to contain erroneous errors.


Anonymous said...

my comment is that I have put the most comments on the commentary page...

I believe strongly that my comments have had insiteful commentary on this particular comment board..

so my comment for this week is that there deserves to be a weekly bonus for the best comment.

backdated comments get $5 per comment..

new comments get $10 each....

I trust the organiser

a) knows that he owes me interest for keeping his spare kidney intact.. (cudda sold it ages ago for 2mill to Kerry packer)


b) I write good comments...such as this..


Anonymous said...

interesting Comment I agree..

even though it was anonymous.. I believe that was from gonadbreath..... he deserves a reward of some sort

signed yours truly...( on behalf of
all ugly bastards tipping crew)

The leader, and behalf of all of the rest of the competitors...,

The Chairman,

Sir Gonadbreath

thank you and goodnight

Jamie Packer said...


Anonymous said...

the best thing about james packer
is that I need to sue him for taking my middle name
but I wont cos he might need a new kidney too..... shit... mal
get him on the piss and at ruck rover .. so he can get smashed so as to make my asset more valuable