Wednesday, June 05, 2013

AFL R10 - Teriffic Tigers Tame Toofless Ducks

That's right. Ducks don't have no teef do they. But they do have long necks apparently.

That was an upset that caused no less than six (6!!!) Uglybustards to miss out on a Hungry Jacks Whopper, myself included. It seems Richmond diehard Simon Williams may have been the only tipster in Australia to have tipped the Tigers. Besides @kevinBartlett29 of course.

Every other game went pretty much as expected with the 50/50s in doggies/port and crows/dockers perhaps causing some pain for some. Not much else to say as there's been too many faux pas already this week, but we can't omit a mention of the little Master who continues to thrill them down at Geelong. Under lights for the first time as well. No doubt Gary Ablett Jnr's epitaph will be "died of leather poisoning".

Roll the tape Dimitri, and we'll discuss the Uglybustards ladders for tipping and the margin.

Uglybustards Tipping Comp...

Sam Griggs has broken the stranglehold of Andy and cleared out by a decisive one point on the Tipping Ladder after 10 rounds, with Billycat in third spot just another point back, making it 2 out of the top 3 for the Griggs clan.  Meanwhile previous Uglybustards title-holder old man Griggsy is floundering back with me in 27th place. Give it to him kids, stick the boots in. While you can.

But it's still incredibly close as we have Quokka, Arnold Layne and ex Demon / Swans legend Craig Nettlebeck tied on 4th just another solitary point in arrears, the three of them separated by only the barest of margins.

DrBB I'm afraid to say has cracked under the presha of the lead in the Margin comp and tipped the Lions to do the Pies by 5 when they went down by 49. Who said it wasn't tough at the top Jimmy Connors? However she still holds 3rd place, four points behind #Car17on who reclaims 2nd spot. But the new leader is The Lace who has streaked ahead to lead by an impressive 28 points, and is looking cherry ripe after a steady climb at the ladder.

More details on the Tipping Ladder page if you scroll down to the Margin ladder.

No real movement in the Trivia comp except the movement by Rotten Ronnie and gonadbreath who are both applying the sleeper hold to Griggsy who is copping it from all angles this week. To join the Trivia comp, login to then go to

No-one picked the full card this week so we have $10 up for grabs in round 11.

Prize Pool

The deadline has passed and it is now just a matter of chasing those Uglybustards who pledged prior to the deadline to make sure they haven't forgotten.  The good news is we have over 20 tipsters in the Prize Pool so we can run the cumulative weekly cash prize.

To be eligible for any of the prizes on Uglybustards you need to have paid your entry fee. If you don't pay you can still play for glory and get your name in the Hall of Fame.

Sponsors are yet to be confirmed, but we hope to use an Executive Uglybustards pen to sign off on the contracts in the coming weeks.

Good luck in Round 11,
Disclaimer: these posts are the work of an Ugly Bustard late at night after the odd tsipouro or three and are prone to contain erroneous errors.

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