Thursday, August 30, 2012

AFL Results R22 - Ratten Rorted by Blues Bombshell

It's a bit like the way Harvey got shafted by Freo last year. A promising top 4 side, derailed by injuries, fails to make the top 8. Last year ruthless Ross Lyon infamously took the offer of Harvey's job. In 2012 Micky Maltshake has bided his time until Carlton had no choice but to make their decision when he said its this year or never. The footy polls reckon 70/30% it's the wrong decision to axe Ratts, who had a better win/loss than Clarko, Bomber Thompson and old man Maltshaker himself after 5 seasons, and those 3 ended up with Premierships after their clubs stuck with them.  The Big Question is - Will Carlton re-hire Ratten in five years time after Maltshake sends us to the bottom again a la Pagan style.

Pavlich examines a piece of tin
Regardless, the season rolls on and there's a couple of telling blockbusters lined up for the final round. The Swans take on the Cats at the Cattery, while the Hawks host the Weagles at home.

But this top 4 jostling is irrelevant. The Freo Dockers are my sure thing to win the flag and will finally deliver for their #1 ticket holder Alvin Purple in 2012.  They just need to show some belief, and familiarise themselves with a certain piece of silverware.

Spot Prize #7 didn't go off last week.  There were a few correct answers from previous winners, which I was impressed with. But not being eligible, the prize remains available for those in the prize pool yet to win a prize. Five $50 double passes to The Laugh Garage are up for grabs!

On to the highlights before I puke, which are a bit shorter than usual as I edited out the Gold Coast / Carlton vision. Then read on for Uglybustards Tipping Results and the Spot Prize question.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

AFL Results R21 - Final 8 wide open & Spot Prize #7

Very interesting situation regarding the make-up of the AFL final 8 going into the last 2 rounds of the season with the top teams spluttering and the bottom teams in the 8 hitting form. Hawthorn remain Buddy-less, the Crows have been ordinary losing to Brisbane and just getting over the Bombers, the Pies crashed to Norf, while the mighty Blues put on a clinic, and could do some damage in September if Freo lose to Norf next week.

The Swans are looking good and the Weagles are getting players back at the right time. You can't count out the Cats either who've won 4 of their last 5, the only hiccup the five point loss to the Coolers at Patersons.

Spot Prize #6 finally went off and was won by Sam Griggs. Obviously the question was way too hard so Spot Prize #7 below is a bit simpler so we can offload some inventory before the finals.

On to the highlights before I puke, then read on for Uglybustards Tipping Results and the Spot Prize for this week.

Monday, August 13, 2012

AFL Results R20 - Pies Punish Sinful Swans & Spot Prize # 6

The Swans' bad kicking let the Pies off the hook and the hoodoo continues.  The battle for the home finals in the top 4 is hotting up, and you can throw a blanket over 5th to 11th in the fight for the last couple of spots in the 8.

Now the Olympics are over, all my friendly chatting to Collingwood and Essendon supporters has come to an end and normal hostilities resume, beginning immediately with the Carlton v Essendon blockbuster this week.

Spot prize #6 is still up for grabs for some intelligent Uglybustards tipster in the Prize Pool. Or is that an oxymoron.  Read on below for your chance to win.

On to the video highlights and Tipping Results before I puke:

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

AFL Results R19 - Eade for Power & Spot Prize #6

A big week of footy off the field sees Prime-arse sacked, little Libba get done for ecstasy, and Buddy in a car smash, where the speedster may've T-boned the other car. But back to Port - while Chocko might have been romantically linked to a return to Alberton, it seems Rodney "Rocket" Eade may get the job if Port Adelaide can get their footy department in order. Meanwhile Buddha Hocking coaches the Power for the next four weeks and has Hawthorn first up, the team that smashed em by 165 pts last year. Things can't get any worse for Port, or can they?

Last week's spot prize #6 was so incredibly difficult that no-one got it right. Read on down below for your chance to win a prize.  The crucial clue can be found in the AFL video review solution.

On to the highlights before I puke: