Tuesday, September 02, 2014

2014 R21-23 Flopalot's Minor Premiership

And there you have it. Round 23 over in the blink of an eye and the minor Premiership to Flopalot by the barest of margins over zenben.  But it counts for nothing as we enter the cut-throat finals series to find out who will be the Uglybustards Champeeen for 2014!!!

Depending on how I've set up this crazy joker tipping comp, I'm pretty sure the full card 5 pt bonus continues in finals, making it still wide open until the GF, as the teams are so damn close in a horror year for most tipsters.  The only thing I got right this year was a Magpie-free-finals, as the Nathan Buckley engineered geometric progression to 18th continues. #SlideBySlide Magpies fans.

Read on for the latest standings in the Standard ladder, the Sam Griggs Joker Ladder and Margin Ladder, and even that muddafkn Trivia comp gets a mention...