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2014 R21-23 Flopalot's Minor Premiership

And there you have it. Round 23 over in the blink of an eye and the minor Premiership to Flopalot by the barest of margins over zenben.  But it counts for nothing as we enter the cut-throat finals series to find out who will be the Uglybustards Champeeen for 2014!!!

Depending on how I've set up this crazy joker tipping comp, I'm pretty sure the full card 5 pt bonus continues in finals, making it still wide open until the GF, as the teams are so damn close in a horror year for most tipsters.  The only thing I got right this year was a Magpie-free-finals, as the Nathan Buckley engineered geometric progression to 18th continues. #SlideBySlide Magpies fans.

Read on for the latest standings in the Standard ladder, the Sam Griggs Joker Ladder and Margin Ladder, and even that muddafkn Trivia comp gets a mention...

The minor premiership in the "Sam Griggs" Joker Ladder went right down to the wire here at Uglybustards Stadium as early leader zenben who had saved his last 2 jokers since round 3 scored a max full card joker double of 23pts in R22 and a 14 in R23 to reel in Flopalot level on pts but missing the glory by 60 margin pts.

As mentioned the finals carry a lot of weight with a full card 5 pt bonus, and if any punter has been silly enough to leave their jokers til now they should be able to still use them, that means Lazybastard could come home with a wet sail.

But it also means 3rd to 7th placed Anthony Aiello, stanleymarsh, powerful, PETELEWIS, David Feck 'Em are still in with a great chance if they show enough intestinal fortitude to tip the underdog in some terrific tight tipping tussles as all are within 3 full card picks of top spot with 4 weeks of tipping remaining.

An emotional Reigning Champ Sam Griggs advised me during the week he was conceding defeat, 22 pts behind Flopalot, and is dusting off the Cup ready for his presentation to the new titleholder at the Star City Casino in 4 weeks time.

Round 21

The Standard Ladder shows Flopalot edged out Zenben by a pt with Anthony Aiello ahead of PETELEWIS for 3rd.  In the last update some drunken fool mentioned there'd be prizes for this comp. He's been sacked, the Uglybustards 2014 prizes haven't been altered, although there remains the option of 'spot' prizes but dont getcha hopes up youse bustards.

BlueGirl's strategy of not tipping in the margin ladder comp finally fell foul as the Blues were smashed by Port. Who else but Flopalot is the new leader, with Uglybustards stalwart Arnold Layne within striking distance 3 goals behind, and the Tilt Man himself Rod Carter filling 3rd sneaking in front of BlueGirl by a pt.  PETELEWIS is a further pt back and not out of it within 6 majors of the lead.

Round 22

And of course the comp you've all been wating for, the Trivia comp.  The Mighty Muddafkr has streeted the field with 226/260, and lies in 36th spot out of 11,080 trivia buffs.  How a vietnamese debutante who knows nothing about AFL can do this continues to astound the Board at Uglybustards, and a urine sample has been requested before 1st place in the Uglybustards trivia comp will be awarded. Please mail Express Post so that the sample is warm on arrival.

Gonadbreath is also highly suspected of taking some brain enhancing aphrodisiac to achieve his outstanding 213/260 score. I've all but given up on 199/250 but Val "WOOF" Perovic is still havin a go in 4th on 174/260.
To join the Trivia comp, login to footytips.com.au then go to http://www.footytips.com.au/tipping/afl/trivia.

Round 23

Finally, the jackpot went off in R22 and you guessed it, Flopalot strikes again, sharing with who else but zenben. They couldnt be split by the margin and took home $20 each.  These two are cleaning up in 2014 like a roll of Sorbent loo paper. Check out their winnings to date, with plenty more to come by the looks of things, and we thought Sam Griggs was bad last year.

So the season starts again, the Finals have been the making and breaking of many a tipster and this year I expect will be no different with several Uglybustard tipsters entered into a luny bin by October.

Who will stand up and take out the 2014 Uglybustards Premiership Cup?!??!?!?!
Go yoooouuuuuse Uglybaaaaaaaaaaaastaaaaaaaaaaaaaaards!!

and remember...

Support Juvenile Diabetes Research!!! (you utter, utter, utter bustards)

Disclaimer: 'Tis the work of an Ugly Bustard

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