Wednesday, October 01, 2014

2014 Grand Final - Flopalot Delivers Daily Double

On behalf of Ugly Bustards Footy Tipping and its esteemed Board of Directors, it's my honour & privilege as Uglybustard, your humble footy tipping administrator, to announce Flopalot as the well-deserved fifteenth Uglybustards Premiership Titleholder in 2014!!!

Flopalot takes home $265 cold hard cash, the inaugural Uglybustards footy guernsey, and two first choice picks of official Uglybustards merchandise; a cap, t-shirt, executive pen or coffee mug. He'll almost have a full Uglybustards kit to strut around town in!

Read on for final 2014 standings and an assessment of the Top 11 GFs since 1966 by Brutas the Barber Mudcake...

After an electrifying finish to season 2014, Flop topped the Joker Ladder, the standard ladder and took out the Margin comp too, getting not only the daily double but the trifecta.  The 2014 Premiership Cup will be presented by outgoing Champ Sam Griggs at the Uglybustards Asbestos Garage on Saturday night, 11th October which should give me enough time to clear most of the crap out of it.  Tickets still available for this high profile event.

Flopalot 2014 Uglybustards Premiership Titleholder.
Past winners
Early pace-setter Zenben was right in it up to the Grand Final and it couldve gone either way up to the opening bounce, but the Hawks absolutely schlooooorrrrtered the favourite for Flop while Zenbens Swans capitulated and cost him the title. I'd be having words with McVeigh & Longmire if I were zenben as Uglybustards titles don't grow like money nor are they printed on trees.

The pre-season recruit from Waimea Heights Old Boys PETELEWIS had a marvelous debut season sneaking into 3rd place in the prizes for the Joker and margin comps, while Uglybustards inaugural winner, dual title-holder, veteran and general all-round stalwart Arnold Layne was runner-up in the margin comp.

A big thanks from Ugly Bustards Footy Tipping to all participants without whom the competition wouldnt exist (in fact I wouldve won 15 titles in a row dammit).
Please take it easy on your end of season footy trips, and come back safe and healthy for what will be a gruelling pre-season for an even tougher 2015.

Go yoooouuuuuse Uglybaaaaaaaaaaaastaaaaaaaaaaaaaaards!!
and remember...
Support Juvenile Diabetes Research!!! (you utter, utter, utter bustards)

Disclaimer: 'Tis the work of an Ugly Bustard

2014 Final Standings - Prizes

Uglybustard will be in contact with all winners via email.  If your details have changed, contact

1. Flopalot  218 - $220, Uglybustards guernsey, 1st choice merchandise
2. Zenben 211 - $109.50, 2nd choice merchandise
3. PETELEWIS 199 - $36.50, 3rd choice merchandise

1. Flopalot  691 - 1st choice merchandise
2. Arnold Layne 735 - 2nd choice merchandise
3. PETELEWIS 748 - 3rd choice merchandise

Standard ladder - no prizes allocated
1. Flopalot  156
2. Zenben  153
3. Beerman  150

Trivia comp. - no prizes allocated
1. Muddfkkr 236
2. gonadbreath spleeter 222
3. Uglybustard 215

Weekly Prize Totals
Zenben $60
Flopalot $45
Rod Carter $10
Cowell $7
Uglybustard $5
Simon Williams $5
Bill Griggs $2
jack mcphee $2

Top 11 AFL / VFL Grand Finals since 1966


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