Friday, March 27, 2015

Time to pull on the boots

Ugly Bustards Footy Tipping returns once more in 2015

Welcome back to AFL tipping all you diehard and new tipsters in what promises to be yet another bumper year in Ugly Bustards Footy Tipping.

Here's whats in store this year:
  • The Joker Ladder with full card bonus, five joker rounds and away teams on missed tips is on again with the Prize Pool & Ugly Bustards merchandise spread among the top 3 paid-up tipsters.
  • Huru Sports are providing another AFL guernsey this year for the top paid-up Joker Ladder tipster
  • The Standard Ladder also receives a prize this year, to the top paid-up tipster outside the top 3 in the Joker Ladder
  • Weekly Prize jackpot of $5 continues for paid-up tipsters (depending on prize pool entries).
  • Prize Pool entry deadline is delayed a month to 30th May due to the late start to the season. Email for details on how to enter.
  • Entry fee is again just $20, but for an extra $10 you receive an Uglybustards Stubby Holder and you'll be supporting diabetes research via a $5 donation to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.
  • You're welcome to play for glory only without a Prize Pool entry
  • For those who are good or lucky enough, $5k 1st, $3k 2nd, $1k 3rd and a share in $250k cash giveaways on the site if you get your tips in each week.
 Join now for the 2015 Ugly Bustards AFL Footy Tipping season

But of course this is what we're all really playing for...

Flopalot 2014 Uglybustards Premiership Titleholder.
Past winners

Go youuuuuuuuse Ugly Bustaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Support Juvenile Diabetes Research