Friday, March 16, 2012

Welcome back all youse ugly bustards!

And a special warm welcome to the new recruits we poached during the off season for their first season of Uglybustards tipping.

Yes I know Its been a long hard wet preseason but youre all looking in tip top shape for 2012.  Griggsy holds the Uglybustards Cup after a last minute nail-biting win over powerful.  Let's see how his Premiership defence goes this year.

First up, we've got a new website, which is a blog at  You can subscribe to weekly Uglybustards Updates by entering your email in the "Follow By Email" box on the right.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Uglybustards AFL footy tipping 2012 prizes

Broo Beer
Bloody Brootiful
In 2012 Uglybustards is happy to announce that Broo Beer and The Laugh Garage are back on board providing prizes for the footy tipping again this year.  Groges, the genius behind Broo, is providing a merchandise pack for the winner, details to follow.

If you haven't tried Broo yet, run into your local Coles Liquorland store or First Choice bottlo and pick up a slab.  Best beer in Australia, bloody Brootiful.

Passes to The Laugh Garage
Darren Sanders has come through with more passes to The Laugh Garage this year.  They're on the corner of Elizabeth and Park Streets, Sydney CBD opposite Hyde Park, and always have a fantastic line-up of stand-up comics doin' the biz.

Uglybustards AFL footy tipping $ entry fee 2012

A prize pool entry fee $20 is optional once again in 2012, to be paid by 30 April. But to win the merchandise, passes or spot prizes, you must have paid the $20 entry fee.

Depending on the cash pool, $ will go to the top 3 and a weekly jackpot to the tipster who picks the card and has the closest margin.

There will be a tipping and margin comp as in past years.  A Trivia comp is on the cards as well.  Prizes tbc.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Uglybustards AFL footy tipping 2012 sponsors

Once again Broo Beer and The Laugh Garage are on board as sponsors of the Uglybustards Footy Tipping competition.

Broo have provided a merchandise pack for the winner, while The Laugh Garage are providing a numbers of passes throughout the year.

Also available will be spot prizes provided by us right here at Uglybustards.

Stay tuned as more details to follow, and keep an eye on the Prizes page.

Monday, March 05, 2012

2011 AFL footy tipping Uglybustards winners

Hi Tipsters,

The 2011 R28 / Finals Week 4 Results are on the Uglybustards site, proudly brought to you by Broo Beer and The Laugh Garage.

Go to the Tipping Ladder page to see the final standings.

 In one of the most climactic finishes ever witnessed in Uglybustards history, a tired and emotionally drained powerful has been overcome by an exhausted never-say-die Griggsy who literally willed himself over the line in a heart-wrenching display of pure guts and determination in the final round of the season.

Having carried the onerous burden of competition leadership for the past 16 rounds, an amazing effort in itself, powerful finally succumbed to the relentless pressure tourniquet applied by Griggsy, and although employing reverse psychology in his Pies tip, that exact same reverse psychology was courageously predicted by Griggsy who tipped the Cats.