Monday, May 19, 2014

2014 R6-9 - Ballistic Ben Busts outa Blocks as Prize Pool Published

Officially we are now 1/3 through the 27 rounds of the season including finals and ZenBen has gone absolutely ballistic busting the field wide open. Not only does he hold the joker ladder lead, the standard ladder and margin ladder lead, he pocketed $30 in the jackpot in R8. If it wasnt for Muddafkkr in the Trivia comp he'd have the clean sweep!

However its early days yet as Paul Roos keeps saying, and astute commentators point towards the standard ladder as a good guide to early form without jokers to influence proceedings. Flopalot is shaping as the dark horse, along with perennial-podium-placegetter and two-time-titleholder Arnold Layne, young talent Bill Griggs, and not forgetting the remonstrator, Mik Barley.
As mentioned ZenBen took out the Jackpot in R8, a six week hiatus since Cowell got back-to-back full cards and a bonus 10 points in rounds one and two. The bonus fiver will be a crucial factor towards the pointy end of the season but its proving very elusive.

The margin comp is still close although ZenBen has led since R5. Arnold Layne is just 7 points behind with another 10 to olles jacyna in 3rd. However you have to go back to Mik Barley in 8th spot for the third place in the prize pool.

The Trivia comp is being dominated by the Muddafkkr on 110/130, although a point behind Uglybustard 111/140 she has a round in hand. Gonadbreath spleeter 101/130 has astounded everyone this year, while the "Woof!" Val Perovic 93/130 has made a decent charge into 4th. To join the Trivia comp, login to then go to

After much blood, sweat, strain, tears, a bit more straining and effort, at last we've finally finished the Prize Pool this year (thats a silent L), and what was looking very ordinary early shaping up like a brick wedged sideways has turned into a veritable flurry late in the piece (isnt that always the way) as the tipping point was reached, with an sudden accumulation of 25 entries flooding into the bowl totalling $500. Well done everyone who got in before we had to pull the chain.

Don't forget there's still the opportunity to consider a purchase of the Uglybustards stubby holder, which would've been the ideal mothers day present a cuppla weeks ago, as it was designed to go well with matching tea cosy.

Don't forget your tips for round 10, AFL highlights for rounds 6 to 9 below.
Go yoooouuuuuse Uglybaaaaaaaaaaaastaaaaaaaaaaaaaaards!!

Round 6

Round 7

Round 8

Round 9

Disclaimer: This is the work of an Ugly Bustard

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