Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Goodes Grounded as Crows Crash Swans Soiree - R6 AFL Wrap Up

Last week it was Goodsey Grounding the Hawks, but this week its Goodsey Grounded for 6 weeks!

With the Swans seemingly in control in a tight tussle with the Crows, Goodsey's gone and torn a quad high up on his leg.  Goodsey Gawn - Swans Gawn. This could see the Swans stumble with the Tiges and Sainters coming up in the the next 3 weeks.  The Tiges are back on the winners list, Kevin Bartlett's creamin his jeans and it wont be long til they're a force like they were 40, 50 or 60 years ago.  Some time last millennium anyway.

Another talking point is the frees ratio for West Coast's 3 home games - 94 for, 50 against. Not sure who the umpies are sleeping with over there but I'm sure pharmacist Woosha is handing out plenty of condoms.  Be interesting to see if the Geisch raises his ugly noggin at some point this week.

Then there's the extra 39 seconds added to the Freo / Suns game. Timekeepers have been stood down but seems Mzungu's late goal stands.  Watch Freo's %, could be crucial for top 4 or 8 come end of the season.

Meanwhile the Travis Cloke rumour he's off to Freo was likened to "a broadcaster moving to SBS" by Eddie McGuire. Cloke would get twice the moola if he left to either Freo or GWS next year.

And finally Wojcinski on the angry pills in the Magoos against the Dees.  Gave Viney a right old wack, then cleaned him up wivva hip n shoulder that broke his jaw.  Wojo got a week for the hit, with more to come for the shirtfront, just like the good ol' days when Cowboy Neale used to initiate the fledgling teenage stars by knocking their lights out 2 mins into the 1st quarter 100 yards behind the play.

Enough of that, here's the tape of last weekend. Setanta's left foot inside torp goal of the year.

In the Tipping this week the mighty Zenben has finally succumbed and loses top spot for the first time, tumbling to 4th. Longee takes the lead while Craig Nettlebeck slips into 2nd and reigning champ and Uglybustards Premiership Cup Holder Griggsy fills the last of the minor placings.  He's been creeping up the ladder each week from 21st in round 1.  Also moving up steadily is last year's pace-setter powerful, from 29th to 12th, only 4 off the pace.

In the Margin Comp, Pete Connor continues his purple patch with another good pick just 4 pts off the margin, having accumulated just 5 points over the past 3 wks. He leads by 20 pts from David Feck'em with Longee 3rd another goal behind.

Check out your placing in both these comps on the you beaut Tipping Ladder.

The Trivia Comp sees yours truly, Uglybustard, seemingly untouchable as he scoots away from Rotten Ronnie Andrews with the ease of Vinnie Cattogio on the burst in the 70s.  The good news is that the porsche, night out with Elle and round the world trip 1st prize for this comp is confirmed.  #Car17on 44/70 and gonadbreath 14/20 still fighting it out for 3rd.

No jackpot this week thanks to the Crows but a good round of tipping saw 14 get 8/9, headed by Elmo who won the round with the best margin.

The Prize Pool is now confirmed, with 22 entries. This gives us a pool of $440, with $135 for weekly $5 jackpots, and end of year cash  as follows; 1st $215,  2nd $60,  3rd $30.

Remember, on top of the cash are the Broo Merchandise Pack for 1st place in the tipping, Laugh Garage comedy passes, and coveted top of the range Ugly Bustard's clothing and paraphernalia. Prizes for each comp are confirmed on the Prizes page.

That's it for round 6.

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