Monday, April 30, 2012

AFL Round 5 Results - Billycat Jags 2nd Jackpot as Goodes Grounds Hawks

Eight tipsters who all got 8/9 were pipped at the post by Billycat who has somehow pulled off his 2nd Uglybustards jackpot in only 5 weeks! I think its time for a urine test. Griggsy can you administer one for me please and send Billycat's sample by express post. No substituting either.

If you got the Anzac Clash you were on your way to a reasonable round, with the first crucial 50/50 under your belt. The Adelaide/Port Derby and even the Freo/Smurfs game both good ones to get right. But the upsets are the icing on the cake. Only Billycat, gonadbreath and The Lace gave the Swans any chance of doin it fer Goodsey.

All my upsets aren't coming off this year, but then again neither are my Black Caviars. And how is the Swans' Josh Kennedy goin as the bolter for the Brownlow? 3 BOGS already according to match medal awards. Meanwhile Richmond's coach Dimma is fast running out of expletives with another close loss. He better take it easy with the fellas with all these close losses or they'll drop their bundle. The Tiges will come good, might even make the 8 this year, but give em a few years Dimma and they should be a force to be reckoned with.

Gonna be an interesting year. Roll the tape please Millicent, I wanna see that Lenny Hayes goal again, reminds of trying to tackle Robert Harvey in a telephone box.

The Tipping comp after round 5 sees Zenben clinging to the lead but only by 10 points in the margin from Longee. Joining them on 37 points are Billycat thanks to his 9/9 and Craig Nettlebeck in a 4 way tie. Only one point in arrears are the rest of the Griggs herd, Griggsy and Sam Griggs, on 36 winners.

Still only 4 points separating 1st from 16th, last year's pace setter powerful might be in 14th but he's still right in this. The margin could prove very important in 2012.

Pete Connor has blown the field away in the Margin comp moving to a clear 16 point lead on the back of 2 near perfect rounds. David Feck'em jumps from 5th to 2nd while Zenben drops to 3rd after leading the past 3 weeks.

More details on the Tipping Ladder page.

Uglybustard and Rotten Ronnie Andrews are having a very close tussle in the Trivia comp, with just 4 points between them after 10 rounds. Uglybustard leads 78/100 to Rotten Ronnie's 74/100 and has completed the answers 22 seconds faster. Rotten Ronnie never was known for his pace. #Car17on 44/70 and gonadbreath 14/20 are fighting tooth and nail for the coveted 3rd place prize. To start the Trivia comp, login to then go to

Now the Jackpot. How Billycat managed to tip 9/9 this week is beyond me. If he keeps going like this he'll be on a diet of Hungry Jacks Whoppers for the rest of the year.

The deadline for entry into the Prize Pool is today, Monday April 30. I'll be confirming the prizes this week. Remember that only those tipsters who paid your entry fee are eligible for the Uglybustards prizes.

Best of tipping luck in Round 6.

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