Wednesday, July 04, 2012

AFL Results Rounds 13 & 14. Spot Prize #4 - Manflu Kneecaps Uglybustard

A severe bout of manflu has all but kneecapped your tipping correspondent. Haven't felt this bad since Cowboy sent a daisycutter drop kick right into me nads at 5 yards when I was standing the mark in the 1947 Grand Final.  But like I did then with knackers the size of the Hindenburg, I will continue to soldier on.

A quick squiz at the highlight reels for rounds 13 & 14.

Uglybustards Tipping Results Rounds 13 & 14

A lots happened on the Tipping ladder in 2 weeks, with Longee spread-eagling the pack and shooting out to a   2 point lead, whilst the possies below him continue to chop and change.  At the end of Round 13 the top five was Longee, Griggsy, Aceup74, Elmo and Uglybustard. A week later after Round 14 and Longee (90) and Griggsy (88) remain in front, with Uglybustard 3rd from Elmo and Aceup74 but all 3 locked together on 87. Powerful continues to make a surge on 86 sneaking through the defences of Craig Nettlebeck, also 86.

In the Margin Comp David Feck'Em maintains his impeccable form although now there's just four majors separating the top 4, with Rod Carter, Longee and Uglybustard all breathing down his neck.  With yet another Carlton game to decide the margin, as will be the case next week, its not a matter of which side of the legder, its just a case of getting the ledger right.

The Jackpot has gone off again after a week's hiatus and I'm afraid to say that it was me, yes Uglybustard, who pocketed the $10, which will go towards a new set of implants.

Uglybustards Spot Prize* #4, 2012: 

Spot Prize #3 was won by DrBB. Spot prize* #4 giveaway for 2012 is a $50 double pass to The Laugh Garage in Sydney's CBD, corner of Park and Elizabeth Streets.
The Laugh Garage, Sydney CBD

The alternative prize for those not in Sydney is the you-beaut Uglybustards Executive Pen.
The pen you use when you need to impress signing those big contracts.


Email with the answer to this question:

How many goals did Fev bag in the 2012 EJ Whitten Legends Game?

The first correct email received in the official Uglybustards inbox will be the winner.  The Winner will be published in next week's Uglybustards Update.

Good luck with your tipping in round 15,

* Previous winners need not apply. Only those who are paid up members of the prize pool are eligible for spot prizes. Uglybustard's decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into.

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