Thursday, July 12, 2012

AFL Results Round 15 - Saints Do Dons in Drag

The heat's off Ratten for a few days and should be on Hird for making his Bombers charges wear what could only be described as the used ladies Myer lingerie display as their "clash" strip against StKilda. How ridiculous did it look, and why is a clash strip needed anyway? We never had any problems recognising teams in the mud of the 60s and 70s before ground drainage was built in for all arenas, so why now?

Marketing, that's why. Forcing fans to buy a new and completely ridiculous jumper each year. And remember, Demetriou's to blame.

On to the highlights reel and round 15 tipping results before I puke.

Uglybustards Tipping Results Round 15 

There were some very lucky tipsters this week on the Tipping Ladder who were obviously out on the town Fridee nite and missed their tip, and the away team the Blues come through wiv de goods! I'm looking at you Griggsy! Tempted to take the tip off of you. Longee holds on to the lead by just the one point with Griggsy hot on his heels and humping his ankle like a rampant cock a spaniel. In 3rd place is Elmo who had a great round of 8/9, only missing the Blues. These 3 have a mini-break on a bunch tied in 4th, in order of margin points Uglybustard, powerful who continues inching up the ladder, and Craig Nettlebeck. The Weagles last minute win over Norf stuffed me up a treat.

A few movements in the Margin Comp this week thanks to the Blues upset win over the Pies. David Feck'Em leads for the umpteenth week in a row, but the gap has been closed considerably by Uglybustard now only 10 point behind moving into 2nd place. Just 2 points further back is Rod Carter, while Longee is within 4 majors of the lead. Also back in contention just 32 points off the lead is BecCG, while Pete Connor is 40 points in arrears in 6th. The Roos v Blues game could play havoc with the placings this week.

No jackpot in Round 15 week due to a couple of upsets, with the Dons players obviously uncomfortable being forced by Hirdy to play in womens' undergarments. $10 up for grabs this week in Round 16.

Uglybustard leads by 6 in the Trivia Comp ahead of Rotten Ronnie Andrews and gonadbreath. Griggsy has dropped to 4th but is still a good chance of a 2nd place finish. #Car17on and Billycat make up the 5th and 6th placings.

Uglybustards Spot Prize #4, 2012:

Billycat won last week's spot prize, with the first correct answer of 9 for the number of goals Fev booted in the EJ Whitten Legends Game. And on Fev, his book "Fev in my own words" is out and is selling like hotcakes, but an unauthorised version by Roger Franklin has also hit the bookstands at the same time. It's one of those rare occasions where the unauthorised version holds far more credibility.

No spot prize this week, as I try to work out if I have enough prizes left to give away during the financial crisis that is gripping the world.

May the Tipping Gods be with you in Round 16,

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