Tuesday, July 24, 2012

AFL Results Round 17 - How High is Howe

If Jeremy Howe doesn't win mark of the year in 2012 I'll go he. He's got the top two contenders so far with the one against the Swans courtesy of Heath Grundy's head, and the one against Port Adelaide this week.

An awful lot of Hawthorn v Collingwood and North Melbourne v Richmond games in the top ten highlights this week. Is Demetriou aware that there were 7 other games, or is he simply intent on showing the old footy teams he used to play for in Hawthorn and Norf, and get Tassie to continue to finance them at the expense of having their own team.

Roll the tape before I puke.

Uglybustards Tipping Results Round 17 

With such a close round of footy absolutely bugger-all changed on the Tipping Ladder. Griggsy took the lead by a clear point after he tipped the Cats Friday night, but then he stuffed up tipping Collingwood. Elmo was looking the goods until he tipped the Weagles. Longee missed the Cats but recovered, as did Uglybustard, while Craig Nettlebeck missed the pies and powerful missed the cats. End result, the top 6 all got 8/9. Longee remains on top yet again, level on points with Griggsy, but now he has only a 17 point buffer in the margin. 3rd is Elmo, one point back. 4th is Uglybustard, another point back, then its 2 points to Nettlebeck and powerful. Anybody's title with 6 rounds to go.

It's all happening in the Margin comp with a major shakeup due to quite a few missing the Cats game. David Feck'Em regained the lead but is only in front by 2 points from Uglybustard. 2 points behind him in 3rd is Rod Carter, while Pete Connor has climbed into 4th only 13 points off the lead. Just one straight kick behind him is Elmo, with Longee still well in contention a further 10 points behind in 6th place. Definitely one of the closest margin comps in the history of Uglybustards tipping.

No Jackpot this week although 9 tipsters got 8/9. The Jackpot is up to $20 for Round 18, that's your entry fee back.

The Trivia Comp continues apace with Uglybustard gradually extending his lead to 12 points over Rotten Ronnie Andrews. Griggsy has moved into 3rd place and is 9 points behind Rotten, and with five rounds to go is a good chance to move into 2nd overall in the prizes.  But I doubt he can bag the Porsche, trip around the world and night out with Elle.

Uglybustards Spot Prize: No spot prize this week as I enter into some serious discussion with our Accountant on our finances. The 5th Spot Prize was won by BecCG.

Good luck with your tips in Round 18,

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