Sunday, October 06, 2013

Winners "Show Us Your Form" Photo Comp

The Uglybustards "Show us Your Footy Finals Form" photo competition finished on 4th October 2013 when the final votes were tallied by the panel of judges.

The winners were Deb Smith and Trent Mayne. Well done guys and thanks for entering.

Swans fans led by The Boot, in form
Deb's snap was taken at the Sydney Swans Vs Carlton semi-final at ANZ Stadium just prior to the first bounce. It captures Uglybustards tipster The Boot, among other Swans members faithful including MJ.

John James representing Victoria
Trent's photo is 1961 Brownlow medalist and Carlton great John James playing for Victoria against South Australia. Although Trent didn't take the pic himself he owns the copyright.

Each have won an Uglybustards T-shirt and a limited edition Uglybustards stubby-holder, now retailing at $10 including delivery.

Uglybustards terrific T-shirt
Uglybustards you-beaut stubby holder

Details of the Uglybustards Show us Your Footy Finals Form photo competition. Keep your eyes out for more Uglybustards Photo comps in 2014.

And go yooooooooooooouuuuuuuusee Uglybustaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaards!!!

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