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AFL Results R12 - Hodgey's Head High Hits

hi there all youse tipsters and welcome to this week's special edition of Hodgey's Head High Hits. Yes that's right, it's the hit you give without really giving a hit. On Friday night "Elbows" Hodge took us and the Match Review Panel back in time to the wonderful 70s era where the biff flowed freely, and no-one was reported, or free kicks given. Even Reg Reagan may've been impressed.

How can you not highlight the umpiring this week. It was only a month or so ago when @kevinBartlett29 was rabbiting on about how body contact before a mark was illegal, with the most ridiculous of ticky touchwood frees being paid, while identical incidents were overlooked in the same game. In Dustin Martin's case, in the goal square mind you. Just a few games later and the Umps are all in danger of hospitalisation through peritonitis, having swallowed the proverbial whistle. While everyone applauds this, many blatant frees are now overlooked, until suddenly the ump decides to pay an identical one.

Then there's the bump. Jack Zeibell, James Kelly and many others including little Eddie Betts who've all done time for the bump must feel hard done by after seeing Luke Hodge get off on two counts in the same game, one incident where the recipient gets concussed and a fractured jaw.

If you look at the slow mo' Hodge has his eyes on Murphy. Lines him up and leads with his shoulder, then directs his vision to the ball. His bumping arm follows through which indicates an intentional bump. A good decent bump it was too. Fair in my book but so was Zeibell's, Kelly's, and Bett's. But Jack Zeibell wouldve got 10 weeks for Hodgey's, such in the ridiculous inconsistency of the MRP. I got no problems at all with Hodge getting off. But as Matt Thompson tries to confirm with Mark Fraser of the MRP, does that now set the standard? Good if it does. Bit late for Zeibell though.

Take a look at these clips.

Zeibell v Joseph - 4 weeks. OK he gets off the ground, but its a good solid bump that Hodgey would be proud of.

Zeibell v Lyons - 3 weeks. I say What for Ump? What for???

Kelly v Goddard - 1 or 2 weeks? Does it matter? He got pinged. "Teflon" Hodgey wouldve got off scott free.

Hodge v Henderson, then v Murphy - o weeks. The Standard has been set.  Remember this MRP.

And I hear the Geisch is on holidays, is that true?

As for the footy games this week,  the 8 is starting to look settled, only for the fact that if you look ahead on the AFL's uneven draw, some teams like the Eagles have the draw from hell, while the Blues have it relatively easy after the next 2 rounds. The uneven draw is yet another issue the AFL has to fix.  And remember, Demetriou is to blame.

Roll the tape Vaso.

Uglybustards Tipping Comp...

It's still bunched up at the top with the top 8 within 3 points of each other.  Sam Griggs holds his lead of one point over Andy, while two-time-Uglybustards champ Arnold Layne climbs into a podium postion in third place for the first time in 2013. Look out!  BillyCat slips to 4th  on the Tipping Ladder while another big mover in calculations this week was Simon Williams, edging ahead of past champ Quokka.  Newcomer Anthony Aiello has pipped stalwart Craig Nettlebeck, who sit in 7th and 8th repectively, just three tips off the lead.

In the Margin comp punters began to peg back The Lace but only ever so slightly by 7 points, and she remains 29 points ahead of #Car17on and 33 ahead of DrBB. However, in the prize pool 2nd spot is taken by Simon Williams who is 44 points behind The Lace, and Quokka sits 3rd, 46 points off the lead.

More details on the Tipping Ladder page if you scroll down to the Margin ladder.

Griggsy has cleared out in the Trivia comp some 28 points ahead of Rotten Ronnie who still holds off yours truly by a solitary point. Griggsy must have gotten a 33/40 which is above 80% for the last 4 rounds, and anything above that mark is competitive. He will be hard to drag in from this point. All prizes are cancelled.

To join the Trivia comp, login to then go to

In the Weekly Prize Simon Williams repeated The Lace's effort of last week, picking the perfect round of a full card and spot on margin to take out this week's $5. Beerman was a little unlucky, with a full card and just one point off the margin. Twenty tipsters out of 38 got the full card this week, another record has fallen in Uglybustards tipping history.

Good luck in Round 13,
Disclaimer: these posts are the work of an Ugly Bustard late at night after the odd tsipouro or three and are prone to contain erroneous errors.

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