Monday, June 04, 2012

AFL R10: The Mythbusters Round

Plenty of myths busted in this week's round of AFL

Myth #1: That a certain Mythbusters Narrator knows nothing about AFL.

Robert Lee
tipped every single upset this week, and got the margin spot on for the Friday night Saints Tigers game!

Myth #2: That the torpedo punt is long gone from the game, an anachronism from the past millenium.

Polkinghorne's Malcolm-Blight-like barrel from the centre of the Gabba with 1 minute 25 seconds on the clock to give the Lions a 2 point lead won the game for them against the top of the table Eagles!

Myth #3: That Big Jack (John Elliot) was bad for the Blues

Guaranteed the Blues will never win another premiership under the current regime with namby-pamby Ratten at the helm catering to his gen-Y #1 draft picks.  Bring back the days of salary cap rorting, cheating to win, beers after training on Sunday mornings, Parkin's jugular vein, Pigs Fkn Arse and 6 Flags in 15 years! Bring back some attitude to Prinny Park! Bring back Big Jack!

Myth #4: That Demetriou wants Tassie in the AFL. 

On the weekend Demetriou said Tassie "had earned the right" to be the next expansion team.  Then conveniently went on to say the AFL is not looking at expanding right now.  He then attended his first game in Tassie for 8 years! 8 frickin years! What a joke! Demetriou would sign up the 9 planets including the distant Pluto before Tassie got a license, despite the interstellar travel playing havoc with player's post-match recovery, loss of bone density and of course Steve Waugh varicose veins.  Not forgetting that players returning from an away game miss the next 5 years of matches, and would indeed need to be sent to the match as budding 13 year olds to be 18 on arrival. A recruiter's nightmare.

Myth #5: That the Tigers birthright is that they finish 9th every year.

BUSTED! or soon will be.
The Tigers will be zeroing in on a top 4 spot at the end of the year and Cotchin will win the Brownlow! Remember, you heard it here on Uglybustards.

Myth #6: That veteran Uglybustards tipster Gonadbreath has 3 balls.


Now let's roll the tape.  The 10 for round 10. But before we do, its my duty to warn you the video is not embedded in the Uglybustards Update this week. Unfortunately, the AFL in all their marketing wisdom #noFuckingIdea, have decided not to let their fans embed their "The 10" YouTube video. So, the link below takes you to the video on YouTube, opening in a new browser window.  If I did this another way it may not be legal and I'm sure the AFL would take pleasure in stringing me up, as a loyal fan, for "stealing" their intellectual property. If you're pissed off, remember, Demetriou is to blame.

Uglybustards Tipping Results

Before we dissect this week's tipping results, a notice to all and sundry. The Prize Pool information has been updated, thanks to the default of Madnurse whose cheque mysteriously bounced.  Thanks for dicking me around for 4 weeks, Madnurse, and after all that, you still get to play for glory.  What a great comp this is.

On to the Tipping ladder. The upsets played havoc with many a tipster but Longee remained on top for the 6th week in a row, albeit level on points yet again, this time with the reigning Champ GriggsyCraig Nettlebeck took a tumble in the wet from 2nd to 5th while Uglybustard climbed from 6th to 3rd courtesy of the Tigers win Friday night. Power stalwart Longee did himself a mighty disservice as he didnt back Port at home over an injury-riddled Carlton. Still anybody's comp with only 4 points separating first from DrBB in 11th.

The Margin comp sees David Feck'Em comfortably handling conditions and extending his lead ever so slightly each week, now 16 points ahead of Rod Carter who has been sneaking up quietly for weeks now.  Longee slipped another place to 3rd, now 32 pts behind Feck'Em who he was level with just 2 weeks ago.

Check out the Tipping Ladder at your leisurely convenience.

Big movement in the Triva Comp as Griggsy has raced to 89/100! A superb strike rate of 89%, way better than my 78%. Is there no end to the strings on this man's bow? But as he started late he's playing catch-up footy, so Elle you can rest easy as I doubt very much he'll topple either Rotten Ronnie or Uglybustard.  Meanwhile at the top Rotten Ronnie and Uglybustard remain 4 points apart for the 3rd week running. Who will crack first?

Jackpot? You gotta be joking. Billycat remains the only winner, having won it twice and pocketing $25. The Jackpot is turning into a tidy some of $30 for next week. At this rate it may not go until first week of the finals, when it will be worth a mean $100.

Almost forgot! The 1st Spot Prize was won by...that's right Griggsy.  Somebody stop him pahlease! Griggsy won a double pass to The Laugh Garage worth $50.

Good luck with your tips in Round 11.  You're gonna need it.


Anonymous said...

do not
give a ffing f

wheres the pen comp


Unknown said...

understand your angst as the "Uglybustard Executive Pen" is a limited edition and will be worth millions on the black market very soon, but spot prizes are just prizes. They arrive on the spot, when you least expect it. Stay tuned for the next spot prize. And remember, if youre going to be a bustard, be an ugly bustard

Arnold Layne said...

Comment of the week from Mike Sheehan , On The Couch, last night in reference to the Eddie carry-on. He said words to the effect of (with tongue firmly in cheek) "It's ok, because at that moment he was speaking as a media personality not as the Collingwood president". It was then cut back to Gerard Healy immediately because, as Sheehan is no doubt aware, Eddie also works for Fox Footy now too. Tops!

Unknown said...

Good on 'im. That's the old North Hobart half back flanker coming out - demons colours note

john elliot said...

how do u join this competition

Unknown said...

hi John
go to top of page, click 'join uglybustards' link