Thursday, October 04, 2012

AFL Free Agency and Trading Period

Here is the Free Agency and Trading banter page requested by 2 time Uglybustard Tipping Champeen Arnold Layne.

Plenty of action as at Thursday 4th October when this post was published - Pearce from Power to Dockers, Lynch from Eagles to Pies, Knights from Crows to Tiges and the biggie; Goddard from Saints to Dons.

Keep track of the 2012 free agency moves & offers.

Join the banter in the comments below.  Free double passes to The Laugh Garage given to the most insightful!


Unknown said...

general trade observation. collingwood attract Luke ball, darren Jolly, now the Q-stick. Hawthorn attract david hale, josh gibson, burgoyne. All stars and all top-up players. You dont see these type of players goin to Melbourne. Free Agency will further widen the divide between the haves and the have nots.

Arnold Layne said...

Hard to see how the smaller clubs and those outside Victoria will benefit.

How's Lynch gonna go?

Anonymous said...

Lynch will go like a dog hes 30yo. Dawes is 24 and might have just had a bad year