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AFL Grand Final Review & Tipping Prizes

What a Grand Final. Gotta be the best one I've seen in 40 years. Pips the Swans own classics Vs the Weagles a few year back, and even both drawn Grannies in 1977 and 2010. It left me with the feeling that any team can win it, you don't need high draft picks, its about working with what you've got. Try to name the Swans star forwards to compare with Roughhead, Buddy and Cyril, and you'll see what I mean.

Read on for more on the GF, the video highlights, then the final results and prize winners for 2012 Uglybustards Tipping.

An interesting point on the GF was the stats. Hawks smashed the Swans in centre clearances 19-5, and in contested possessions and inside 50s. The expert commentators said the Hawks blew it. But I'm here to tell you current stats the way they are collected are misleading.  They dont account for what the Swans did well: Pressure on the ball carrier.  Chasing.  Smothering. Spoiling. Talking. Running the ball like Jetta, rebounding down the corridor instead of going round the wings - absorbing the pressure in their own 50 and then attacking, what the experts call slingshot footy.  There's not a single recorded stat for any of these one-percenters or running bounces.

What was recorded was the Swans amazing tackle count of 109. 80 is usually considered top notch.  And the most important stat of all - the bloody score you morons!!!  You gotta get the pigskin through the big sticks to win the game.  To do that relies a lot on your structure and set up running the ball down the ground and getting it inside 50 with space, not under pressure or near the boundary. Swans did that superbly in the second quarter and for the first 2 majors in the third, centering it inside 50 with the player in the clear - easy shot on goal 30m out dead in front.  Hawks were always taking the long shot, and while they came off in a purple patch in the third with goals from outside 50 by Smith and Buddy, the percentages are always gonna be low for shots from outside the arc.

The Hawks hit the post three times, two were snaps under presha, but Gunstons shot 7 points down late in the last only 30m out is gonna haunt him all summer. You gotta take your chances, Malceski did, and that comes down to poise under presha - another non-existent stat.

I dont even reckon the Hawks can win it next year - their whole set up is full of these superstars who are just too damn unreliable - Cyril just the 4 kicks on the big day and who would want Buddy kicking for their life?

AFL Grand Final Match Highlights

Uglybustards 2012 Tipping Results & Prizes

Longee has been celebrating his win in the tipping ladder competition for weeks now. It seems now he has gone missing and the authorities are having trouble locating him to give him his prize money and Broo Beer Merchandise Pack. Longee finished the year a comfortable 3 points in front of Griggsy who in turn was a further 3 points in front of 3rd place.  A far cry from the last round presha of 2011 when the title was decided on the Grand Final. Speaking of last year, powerful was pipped at the post for the title, and again this year he has slipped off the podium backing the Hawks, and for the 2nd year in a row drops a Prize Pool place on the last round!  I feel a bit guilty sneaking into 3rd place myself but if you didnt back the Sydney Swans on the weekend you only have yourself to blame.

The margin comp was won by yours truly, Uglybustard who held off a fast finishing David Feck'Em by 20 points. Iain Johnson surprised many with his huge ascendancy into 3rd overall, fighting off Rod Carter by just the 4 points. However, as Feck'em was not in the prize pool The Tilt fills the final place on the podium.

The jackpot went this week went to Rod Carter who was just a point off the margin.  And although we were impressed by the perfect round of Craig Nettlebeck, you gotta be in the Prize Pool to take home the cash.

See all Prize details including jackpots. I'll be in contact with each winner to negotiate delivery, so keep an eye on your email.

Thanks all youse Uglybustards tipsters for another great year.
We'll be back bigger and better next year with even better prizes so tell ya mates.

I'll see you in pre-season training,
and remember, if you're going to be a bustard, be an ugly bustard

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Arnold Layne said...

What a season, what a Grand Final, what a great thing it is to be a Swans supporter! Cheer cheer the red and the white!

It'd be interesting to throw a free agency and trading page up for comments and analysis too. I'd be in that.