Tuesday, April 08, 2014

2014 R2&3 - Muddafkkr Makes Move in Tight Trivia Tussle

Up to R3 of the Premiership season already & Vietnamese debutant Muddafkkr (65/80) is leading the trivia comp in a terrific tight tussle, ahead of gonadbreath spleeter and uglybustard by 3. Uglybustards is sending two ASADA reps to 'Nam this Sunday for urine testing.

In other news seven punters used a joker this week with ZenBen putting his jokers to good use and Freo_Dockers not such good use, crafty Cowell kills the card two weeks running and young Bill Griggs hits the podium by a margin point from Amy Jones, level pegging with Rod Carter and stanleymarsh, while we welcome Tweety, yet another tipster who becomes an Ugly Bustard.

Only 3 weeks til the cut off for the April 30 prize pool deadline, so contact uglybustard@uglybustards.com asap for details - $30 gets you entry  into the prize pool and eligibility for all prizes & the collectors item Uglybustards stubby holder, while $20 gets you just the entry into the prize pool.

After 3 rounds its already getting interesting comparing the standard ladder with the joker ladder.  Bill Griggs leads the standard ladder with 24 from a possible 27 (great tipping Bill). Zenben is only two off the pace on 22 and has used his jokers well, with two 7s and an 8. Although I'm sure he's blindly using his jokers in the first 5 rounds to lead the pack, its paying off long term. My hypothesis is that using a joker makes you focus harder on your tipping. This will no doubt become the subject of many uni PhD's around the world. In an attempt to blow this hypothesis out of the water I'm using a joker this week cos I'm sure Carlton will crack their first and maybe only win for the season against the Dees.

But where the big advantage lies is the full card bonus 5 points. Cowell is the dark horse at the mo' with two of these. And who will be the first to pick the full card with a joker - will you get (9+5)x2 or (9x2)+5?  Thats right its back to maths class and dont the crowd love it here at Uglybustards.

The margin comp is also all over the place with another debutant in Pete Lewis coming from 15th to lead the comp into week 3. Hot on his heels are Ajaywatts and Olles jacyna 4 and 5 points in arrears respectively. Early days and anybody's to win.

If youre interested in some footy heres some highlights (Blues & Freo fans look away now) and dont forget your tips for round 4!
Go yoooouuuuuse Uglybaaaaaaaaaaaastaaaaaaaaaaaaaaards!!

Round 2

Round 3

Disclaimer: This is the work of an Ugly Bustard

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