Tuesday, March 25, 2014

2014 R1 - Fake Freo Forgoes Four From Four in Frightful Footytips Fiasco

hi there all you ugly bustards and aint it great to have another footy season underway, albeit one that started in sensationally controversial circumstances and as usual Uglybustards.com has the inside news.

A meltdown of the footytips.com.au site was caused by a hot coffee spilt on the crutch of the webmaster by his nubile assistant on the season opener Friday night and has caused the biggest tipping debacle of the 21st century.

It's gonna be hard enough to work out who tipped what with the 5 joker rounds and the 5 point full card bonus without a ladder mishap like this one.

Footytips deemed the only solution was to give everyone the 4 points and exact margin for the weekend, and on enquiry there was nothing this Uglybustard could do to amend the score. The big loser was Freo_Dockers who tipped GWS and the Suns to go 4/4. I was particularly disappointed myself as I'd racked up 0/6 from the first 6 games.

As well as Freo_Dockers (WA), our debutants in 2014 include Blue Girl (QLD), PETELEWIS (SA) and muddafkkr who doubles our Vietnam contingent to two. Not only is Uglybustards approaching footy tipping global domination, it's great to see our extensive pre-season one million dollar marketing campaign was well worth it snagging such highly regarded and appreciated tipsters.

Round 1 highlights playlist on youtube.

Zenben has made good use of his first joker doubling an 8/9 to 16 points, although he was saved by the Footytips reboot. He's followed by three tipsters getting the full card and the 5 point bonus in cowell, Bill Griggs and jack mcphee on 14 points 2 off the lead.  There's a 6 point gap to a raft of tipsters on 8, 7, 6 and Freo_Dockers who went to pieces at being ripped off, still on 4 points, and will most likely be on that same total after Grand Final day after a season of rehab due to this soul destroying experience.

We carry both ladders on Uglybustards - standard and joker - to drive you mad when you waste a joker.

The Margin Comp looks very close and its difficult to pick a winner at the moment.

In the Trivia Comp there's a major upset brewing with muddafkkr leading Griggsy, myself, and even Gonadbreath looks on the pace early. Bill Griggs is getting his feet wet and will no doubt improve when he gets as hard-bitten, old and gnarly as the rest of us old geezahs, great effort Bill.
To join the Trivia comp, login to footytips.com.au then go to http://www.footytips.com.au/tipping/afl/trivia.

Despite the footytips "readjustment" we're going to pay the weekly prize to the 3 full card tipsters.

However a weekly prize depends on the number of paying entries, with $20 entry fee due April 30th. Contact uglybustard@uglybustards.com for details or to arrange payment via a brown paper bag at your local.

This year for $30 you get your entry and a hand-crafted custom-made collection-item-rarity Uglybustards stubbyholder. You need to be fully paid up to be eligible for any of the other 2014 prizes on offer, including the footy jumper and Uglybustards merchandise. We've got 2 paid up entries so far in Andy and Freo_Dockers, both wisely went for the stubbyholder offer before stocks run out.

All the best in Round 2 and don't forget to get your tips in early, first game Thursday!!! Go Blues.

Disclaimer: this is the work of an Ugly Bustard.

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