Thursday, October 10, 2019

Pistol Pete Pips Punters in Tipping Triumph

Well hi there all you Uglybaaaaaaaaaaaaaastaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaards it's Uglybustard here for the last post of 2019 outlaying the prize winners for this sensational season that woz.

Congratulations Pete Lewis!!!  Pete wins his first ever Uglybustards Premiership.  And he got the bloody GLAMARAMA cans as well!!!

It was nip 'n' 'ckn tuck there throughout the last few rounds and the finals series, but Pete come thru in the end defeating the valiant Andy, equal on points but Pete got the chockies with a superior margin.

Third place went to Timmoie, a name I've had trouble spelling all year, a punter who has been around a while without showing much, but really pulled out all stops after entering the prize pool this year missing the coveted Uglybustards guernsey by a single point!  Ahhhhhgggggggggggg.

Well done Podium.

The pressure was definitely building during the finals as I received a call from BecCG asking "WHY THE F#$K ISN'T MY F$%^&N JOKER F*&^%N WELL DISPLAYING ON THE F@#%$N FOOTY TIPS SITE YOU #$%#T!!!!" ...or words to that effect.  No I jest (BecCG pls don't try to sue me my lawyers are useless).

But the presha was indeed on among the top bunch right to the very end.

There were a few fast finishers with Funnybustard deserving a speshul mention, using the fullcard finals bonus to full effect to win the last two Jackpots of the season and climb up to 4th, which unfortunately is like a 4th in the Olympics, except Uglybustards is a much higher standard so it's something to be very proud of.

Meanwhile reigning Champ Griggsybustard never got into gear this season finishing 14th after two Uglybustards Titles in succession.  An emotionally exhausted Griggsy vehemently refused to blame the umpires for his loss of the crown, although he did state if he had himself actually been umpiring a 3-peat would've been a "lay-down-f%$king mazaire Uglybustard you ^%$#$" - and I have that on tape.

On to the winners, prize money, jackpots and merchandise prizes.

Uglybustards Champeeeeen & Titleholder and Podium runners-up for 2019:  

  1. PETE LEWIS 184
  2. Andy 184
  3. Timmoie 183
Griggsy's 2017 winning guernsey
Uglybustards footy guernsey
Peter receives the coveted Uglybustards guernsey proudly home knitted by Huru Sports, plus the Prize Pool winnings of $135. He will be driven to Uglybustards prize night at the prestigious Uglybustards Garage on a chauffeured e-bike and will be escorted to a mouth-watering VB dinner by Uglybustard's pet dog.

Andy takes home $67.50 and Timmoie just the $22.50.  Oh well better luck next time lads.

Season Ladder Prize:

Rhino's stubbyholder
Now this is where the real skill takes place as it is a regular tipping comp without finessing about your full card pick bonus crap and jokers.  It's just hard and tough picking your tips.  This prize goes to the first paid up punter who did not get on the podium for the Fullcard Joker ladder.  And the final placings were...
  1. Timmoie 138
  2. BecCG 137
  3. Pete Lewis 136
  4. Funnybustard 136
  5. Andy 135
  6. Bill Griggs 135
And the winner is... BecCG!!!!  Well done Bec an Uglybustards stubbyholder will more than make up for missing out on the big one.

Special mention to Timmoie who has taken out top place in the season ladder for the 2nd year in succession.

Margin Prize:

The winner of the best cumulative margin this year goes to Timmoie!! Again, Timmoie has topped the table for the Margin 2 years in succession. An Uglybustards stubbyholder is coming your way mate.  The big prize of the Uglybustards Guernsey still eludes you....

Top 3 were...
  1. Timmoie 717
  2. Pete Lewis 762
  3. BecCG 766
...with Flopalot (767) and Rod Carter (769) in very close attendance.

And the remaining prizes for 2019 were taken out by the following punters.

Weekly Prize Jackpot Winners:

  • $35 - Dragon Dan 69
  • $35 - Uglybustard
  • $30 - Andy
  • $25 - Griggsybustard
  • $10 - Funnybustard

Glamarama by Sydney Brewery

Sydney Brewery Lucky Door Carton Draw:

  • Slab of GLAMARAMA cans - PETE LEWIS  

Well that sums up yet another electrifying year of Ugly Bustards Footy Tipping UBFT (tm).
Have a happy and safe end of season footy trip and don't forget I'll have the 2 metre calipers out ready for testing how fat you are when you return.

Over this summer break please remember to support our new sponsor Sydney Brewery and if you need sporting gear you can't go past Huru Sports, look good play better, who have been providing the coveted Uglybustards guernsey for 6 years.

Thank youse all for participating in 2019, youse are all valued members of Uglybustards and all fit well under the salary cap there will be no trading deals done!!  See youse all nek year.  I'll be in touch soon to all youse winners to arrange cash and prize delivery.


Support Uglybustards' sponsors;
supplier of the legendary Uglybustards guernsey, HuRu Sports - look good play better 
And enjoy a fine craft beer from the Sydney Brewery.
Consider a donation to Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

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