Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Ruthless Rhino Runs Roughshod in Dazzling Display

 Well all youse Uglybaaaaaaaaaaaaaastaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaards that's another covid-affected season out of the way thank f#$k for that!

Following on from 2020's Covid winner Timmoie who streeted the fleet, this year the Rhinocerous ran roughshod over all punters with a dominant display of sheer brute force tipping.  

It all started for the Rhino in round 9 with a full-card-joker play reaping a max 23 points, a tip which included Norf's first win of the season.   From that point on he was never headed and ended his 18 year drought to become a 2-time Uglybustards winner!  Rhino takes home $168 cash made up of $123 for the win and $45 in jackpots.  Better make sure he doesn't get rolled on the way home.

2nd place for 2021 was another previous 2 time winner Denlasho, with 3rd going to Uglybustards debutante Lana Schijvens a fine effort first up.  Princesskhill was level with Lana but just 6 points behind in the margin, finishing 4th.

Unfortunately for these unlucky punters none of them entered the prize pool, so the dollars for 2nd go to BUDGIEWOISFINEST in 5th place who does a Bradbury and collects $61.50 to take home to the Central Coast!

Pocketing 3rd place prize money was next punter off the block in the 6th placed legend Rod the Tilt-man Carter who may now be able to afford an operation to straighten his neck with his $20.50.

The Weekly Jackpot threw up a few close decisions as well with non-paying punters missing out on the chocolates on a few occasions.  
  • Round 9; $45 to Rhino
  • Round 12; $15 to Andy in La Carlota
  • Round 14;  a tie between Methodical Flame Thrower and HungryDemon but the latter wasnt entered so MFT got the $10
  • SemiFinals; 5 Star Tipping Comp cleaned up an 11 week hiatus with $55 
  • Preliminary Final; 5 Star Tipping Comp tied with HungryDemon, with 5 Star taking the fiver.
  • Grand Final; a tie between Princesskhill and JohnFKennedy, both not entered. Next was poor old HungryDemon who missed out for the third time.  The $5 went to Methodical Flame Thrower.
That's it for 2021.  I will be doing my best to chase up Uglybustards guernseys for Timmoie for 2020 and RhinoBustard for this year, and Sydney Brewery for the lucky door prize carton draw, but no guarantees as Uglybustards didnt get a single jobkeeper cent unlike Gerry Harvey.  We had 40 entries this year with 17 in the prize pool, if the carton draw goes ahead it will be one of the 17 who will get a 'toon of beer delivered to their doorstep.  Stay tuned.

Uglybustard will be in touch with winners soon to deliver your cash in a brown paper bag.


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