Monday, July 15, 2019

2019 Sydney Brewery Beer Winner

Just 6 rounds til finals all youse UGLYBAAAAAAARSTAAAARDS!!!!!

The tension is mounting as it's looking like a race in 4 to get the coveted Uglybustards guernsey!

And in even more spectacular news I visited Sydney Brewery at 28 Albion Street Surry Hills the other week to draw the lucky door carton prize with Sydney Brewery Marketing Manager Richard Feyn.

And the winner is....

Yes as I was saying I took a trip to 28 Albion Street, the premises of Sydney Brewery, where they
Sydney Brewery
actually brew their Albion Ale as well as serve it over the bar with their wide range of beers and ciders.

Sydney Brewery
 28 Albion Street Surry Hills
When I got there just after 4pm on a Friday it was $5 a schooner, very palatable prices indeed.

I went the Albion Ale first, a very pleasant extra pale ale made from mosaic, wai-iti and cascade hops,  I found it very easy drinking at 5.0% with a tropical stone fruit aroma and flavour that rolled off your palate.

Albion Ale rolls off your palate
I soon met up with Richard who shouted me a 7% East Coast IPA made from East Kent Goldings and Styrian Goldings hops, with a sweet aroma of raisins and caramel with an earthy hop character.

My favourite is the Darlo Dark, a 4.9% dark lager from Saaz and Citra hops with a smooth chocolate, roast coffee aroma and taste.

Pyrmont Rye IPA
Very close to this is Paddo Pale a 5% American Pale Ale from Enigma, Galaxy and Amarillo hops with a floral aroma with citrus and full body malt on the palate.

And you can't go past their other IPA, the Pyrmont Rye, or their GLAMARAMA Summer Ale, Pittwater Bitter, Surry Hills Pils, Lovedale Lager....

But I'm getting side-tracked, just like I was at Sydney Brewery last Friday week.

So it eventually came time for the inaugural Uglybustards Lucky Door Beer Carton Draw - try saying that after a few beers....

There it is!!!! Congratulations Peter Lewis. Thank you very much again to Richard Feyn, Marketing Manager of Sydney Brewery, for sponsoring Uglybustards in 2019.

A carton of GLAMARAMA cans will be sent to Adelaide via Australia Post.

It's a tasty drop made from Citra, Motueka, Riwaka and Sorachi Ace hops,  light and crisp on the palate with a tropical fruit and citrus aroma.

Believe me Pete I had to taste test it for you a few times to make sure, and it's very hard to stop after 3 or 4.

To finish off this Uglybustards Update, a quick summary of the leaders after round 17;

In the Joker Ladder to OX leads but has spent all jokers.  It appears to be a race out of BecCG 3 jokers down and 5 points ahead of Pete Lewis and Andy, with Timmoie another point back, with this trio only having used 2 jokers.  Billy Griggs might be a roughie but will need a jackpot on his remaining joker to be considered seriously.

The standard ladder sees a 3 way tie between BecCG, Timmoie and Billy Griggs, with Andy one point back.  So whoever misses out on the joker ladder podium will likely get the Uglybustards stubbyholder as a consolation.

The margin prize sees Pete dominating once more on 365, Timmoie is 5 goals back on 398, with BecCG third with 418.

In a tough season we've only had the jackpot go off twice with wins to Andy $30 and Dragon Dan $35.  There's $25 up for grabs in Round 18.

Until next time, don't forget your tips and....

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Peter L said...

Thanks Mate - I am looking forward to a nice drop :-)
Cheers Pete

Ugly Bustard said...

Heard from Richard the other day Pete, he's on leave up in sunny Queensland this week but has got one of his staff organising the carton of GLAMARAMA tinnies for you mate!!! Cheers