Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Free Beer! 2019 Prize Pool Finalised

Hi there all youse UglyBaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrsstttaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaards!!!! 

The 2019 Prize Pool Deadline has been finalised and the inaugural draw for a carton of Sydney Brewery beer is on this Friday between 4 and 5pm at their esteemed 28 Albion Street Surry Hills premises!

Yes indeed, 18 paid up punters are eligible and a single winner will be drawn by Sydney Brewery Marketing Manager Richard Feyn, with NSW Government Lottery Agents in attendance to prevent any funny business.  Email uglybustard@uglybustards.com if interested in attending.

Under intense presha from the infamous Uglybustards Board of Directors, yours truly, Uglybustard, will refrain as a participant in the draw to avoid any conflict of interest. Let's face it, I'll be tasting all the beers at Sydney Brewery during the evening anyway.

Uglybustard will be doing some serious taste-testing

This year's Uglybustards Prize Pool entrants are, in order or entry: 
Sydney Brewery Beer draw entries 2019

Flopalot, Dragon Dan, Andy, BecCG, Zen Bustard, Cowboy, BUDGIEWOISFINEST, Rod Carter, Powerful, Billy Griggs, Griggsy, Funny Bustard, 5 Star Tipping Comp, Timmoie, Rhino, Pete Lewis, Mik and of course the ugly old Uglybustard.

This means we have a cash pool of $360, split into $135 weekly jackpots and $225 for the Joker ladder top 3, with $22.50 for 3rd, $67.50 for 2nd and $135 for the winner.

The winner also receives the coveted Uglybustards guernsey, while winners of the standard ladder and margin ladders get an Uglybustards stubbyholder.  More details on the Prize page.

For our Sydney Brewery lucky door beer carton, the entrants are numbered in entry-order and will be dropped into a hat for Sydney Brewery's Richard Feyn to pull out the lucky punter. 

There will be no practice runs and the adjudicator's decision will be final, captured on film by expert local media crews.

Without my ugly self in the draw, that's a one in 17 chance of a free carton of Sydney Brewery beer! 

Good luck to all youse uglybustards who entered.

The winner will be contacted via the footytips site that evening and the result published here on uglybustards.com in the next week or so. 

Meanwhile we are 15 rounds into the 2019 Uglybustard's comp and a quick summary of the leaders shows a close tussle is prevailing: 

In the Joker ladder the OX is up by a point over BecCG with Pete Lewis and Andy tied for 3rd.  But the OX has played 4 jokers and Bec 3.  Pete and Andy have played 2 jokers and are 6 points behind Bec.   It's wide open for one of these three to take home their first Huru Sports Uglybustards guernsey.

The winner of the standard ladder is the first paid up punter that didn't podium place on the Joker ladder (yeah I just make this up after a few beers).  It's as close as its ever been with Timmoie, BecCG and billgriggs tied on 85, with Sam Griggs a point back on 84.  In paid-up punter terms not placed on the Joker ladder its Timmoie and billgriggs, but so close with a long way to go its anybody's stubbyholder, just the way we like it.

The Margin Ladder prize goes to the punter with the lowest cumulative margin over the journey, which can be very topsy-turvy with Thursday & Friday night blowouts or upsets.  Rod Carter (332) leads the way with Princesskhill (346) a couple of goals back.  PLewis (363) and Timmoie (367) are neck and neck for 3rd.  Again, wide open for the Uglybustards stubbyholder.

This year's jackpot has only gone off twice in 15 rounds with Andy pocketing $30 in round 6 and Dan $35 in round 13, the latter won by Princesskhill but the Dragon man took home the choccies as the first paid up punter.

That completes a rather long Uglybustards Update as we enter the run home to the finals, and the electricity builds for this Friday night's first ever Uglybustards Lucky Door Beer Prize, thanks to Sydney Brewery!!!!

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