Tuesday, May 28, 2019

2019 Prize Pool Deadline

Hey there all youse UglyBaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrsstttaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaards!!!!

The 2019 Prize Pool Deadline is looming, May 30th!  And Sydney Brewery have come to the party!

Because this is such a late reminder the Uglybustards Board of Directors, in its infinite wisdom, instead of sacking me for late notice have extended the deadline to cob Friday June 7th!! What a lunch of bed ends!!  Set your alarm bells!!!

I get to keep my job for another season, unlike Brad Scott, the 1st coach to go this year instead of Bolton.

I don't think Bolton will go at all this year, but the Blues don't need Brad Scott next year.  Who needs a coach who tried to shirtfront Kingy from behind while back turned on commentary duties, and has history with a Blundstone Arena security guard who pressed charges for assault while Scotty had been passing him on the way to his players.   The guys a freakin' psycho.   They didnt call them the "McCray twins" while at Brizzy for nothin.

Anyway back to the important business.

Sydney Brewery
Sydney Brewery sponsor a lucky door prize carton 

Sydney Brewery have donated a carton of their finest brew to any lucky paid-up prize pool punter!  No problems with interstate or even overseas in Honkers, Johnno get your entry in mate! I remember when Griggsy received his carton of Broo in Tassie one year and the postage cost more than the beer!  Sydney Brewery might be a bit smarter than that, could be vouchers to local outlets, hovercraft across Bass Strait, camels across the nullabor, drone delivery to Africa.  No I think it might be vouchers, but we'll wait and see.

It's a great beer.  I've downed their Darlo Dark many a time after a Blues obliteration.  Many other beers to choose from and ciders as well.  Plenty of online reviews and many varieties.

So if you enter by paying your $20 into the same account as previous years (email uglybustard@uglybustards.com if you need a refresher on the bsb / acct #s) by June 7th, you are in the draw.  The odds are in your favour as I am ruling myself and family out of the draw.  That's no uglybustard, littlebustard, teenyweenybustard or gonadbreath.

Some time later in June, the drawbridge to the coveted Surry Hills Sydney Brewery will be lowered by their Marketing Manager Richard Feyn, and yours truly Ugly Bustard will cross the moat into the secret brewery cavalcades, and with Richard, draw the lucky punter out of a hat. NSW lotto authorities have been invited but may not be in attendance on the evening, however it will be captured on video by professionals (IE my iphone) and posted on this site for prosperity.  One live shoot only.  All local uglybustards punters welcome to attend as witnesses.

Image result for richard feyn sydney brewery
Sydney Brewery Marketing Manager Richard Feyn deems Ugly Bustard entry to Surry Hills Sydney Brewery

So get your entry in!!!!

Other side benefits of entering are the weekly jackpot, the Huru Sports guernsey, and the podium cash prizes for top 3 from the cash pool.   Uglybustards merchandise is exhausted after excessive demand.  Stubbyholders still available for just $10 with half  donated to JDRF all for a very good cause.

Meanwhile a quick mention of Peter "Perfect" Lewis who got the full card bonus points on a joker play, then followed up with an 8/9 on another joker to be the early leader.  Now it's time to reel him in as the Crows capitulate, providing Carlton with the number one pick next year.

With the 2019 season almost at the half way mark it is very much wide open with many a joker to be played.  The Uglybustards Board of Directors have sent me a message to relay to you all, they are deepy appreciative of your loyal following and support of JDRF.


Please consider a donation to JDRF for kids with type one diabetes  by purchasing an Uglybustards stubbyholder

Support Uglybustards' sponsor, supplier of the legendary Uglybustards guernsey, HuRu Sports - look good play better

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