Monday, October 03, 2016

Barley Finishes Fast for First Title

The 2016 Uglybustards Premiership Cup proudly brought to you by Huru Sports, look good play better.
Barley's first Uglybustards Title - Past Winners

Presented to The Remonstrator, Mik Barley

In an historic weekend of footy Mik Barley showed class and poise to out-tip the competition in the final few rounds to take out his first Uglybustards title. Congratulations Mik.

Joker Ladder

The Remonstrator Mik Barley was a clear winner skipping away in the final rounds and enters the Uglybustards Hall of Fame. PETERLEWIS came from the clouds to finish second while Val Perovic lost all hope of pipping Mik by going an early Mad Monday and not entering finals tips, tumbling to 3rd.

PETERLEWIS was probably the best joker player and made the most of the full card bonus, finishing only 10th in the standard ladder but runner-up in the Joker comp.  Val also did well in the joker, as he was 8th in the standard season. On the other end of the scale Olles Jacyna was 2nd in the standard season ladder but 28th in the Joker - gotta learn to play those jokers!

1st: Mik Barley - $159 and the Uglybustards footy guernsey provided by Huru Sports
2nd: PETERLEWIS - $79.50 and choice of Uglybustards t-shirt or Executive pen.
3rd: Val Perovic - $26.50 and remaining merchandise.

Uglybustards' guernsey by Huru Sports. Look good, play better 

Standard Ladder

Demonstrating the excellent season Mik had, he finished a clear 4 points out in front in the standard ladder on 153, ahead of Olles Jacyna on 149 with Sam Griggs and Andy on 148. This prize is awarded to the highest paid-up-tipster who didnt place in the Joker Ladder so Mik is out of it, Olles didn't enter the prize pool, hence it goes to Sam who gets the nod over Andy due to a better margin.  Yet another prize for the tipping maestro.

1st: Sam Griggs, choice of Uglybustards t-shirt or Executive pen.
Make a lasting impression when signing that big contract

Margin Comp

The Margin comp was dominated by Powerful who goes back-to-back having won this one last year.  He took the early lead in rounds 4, 5 and 7 then lost it until round 12, after which he was never headed.  Powerful won easing up by 26 points over PETERLEWIS with Elmo another 15 points back in 3rd place.

1st: Powerful, Uglybustards t-shirt
Dress to kill in an Uglybustards T-shirt

Weekly Prize

As usual we had a couple of decent jackpots throughout the season with some tough rounds to pick.  Val picked up some decent $ while Littlebastard cashed in on the easier finals rounds to scoop the drought, with the Doggies amazing finals run confusing many a punter.

Total jackpot winners for the season were;
  • Val Perovic $40 
  • Littlebastard $35
  • Anthony Aiello $20
  • John Longmire $20
  • Mik Barley $5

I'll be in contact with all winners to arrange delivery of prizes.

Road tested by Uglybustard
Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2016 comp, one of the hardest to tip in a long while, and well done to the mighty Bulldogs in taking out the flag.

Thanks also to all those who purchased an Uglybustards Stubbyholder and contributed to juvenile diabetes research or made a direct donation.
(Email to purchase).


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Danny said...

Great! Uglybustards Premiership Cup which brought to us by Huru Sports, looked good play better. My favourite Mik Barley showed his best!