Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Barley Sugar-coats All-Australian Omission

In breaking news on the eve of finals Mik Barley was a shock omission from the All-Australian team as selectors were called to account for their actions.

Known in footy circles as 'The Remonstrator', Barley topped the Uglybustards Joker and Standard season ladder minor premierships thanks to a withering burst of tipping in the final few rounds.

He surpassed Val 'Woof' Perovic in the Joker ladder and slowly crept past reigning champ Sam 'Hawthorn' Griggs in the season ladder, to pip him by a point.
Selectors KB & Richo refused to be held to blame for selecting Tigers duds Dustbin Martin and Alex Rance instead of Barley & Perovic.

Other honourable mentions unlucky to miss out on the A-A team let alone the Squad (are these selectors on crack??) were the afore mentioned incumbent Uglybustards Champ Griggs as well as Andy who ran a creditable 3rd in the seaon and 5th in the Joker.

PETER LEWIS also put in a stirling effort to run 3rd in the Joker which was an exceptional effort of joker-placement skill given his 12th placing in the regular season.

As for the Rising Star, Billy Griggs was unlucky not to get a nomination with a 9th in the season and 10th in the Joker full card bonus ladder.

Meanwhile Powerful continues to dominate the Margin comp, having snaffled the lead in round 12 by 4 points and extended it to over 10 goals since.  He leads by 75 points from yours truly (Uglybustard) just ahead of a tight bunch of punters.

But all this means nothing now.  There's no prize for finishing top of the ladder!
It's time to stop ya finessin' and go the long torp as the real season is about to begin!

Fer Fooksake dont ferget yer tips as the first final is Fursday.  And it can sneak up on you like Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

The full card bonus 5 points will be absolutely croooshul in deciding this year's title.
The Remonstrator Barley is in front but will have the presha of a small lead to defend, while Val Perovic has it all to play for, just waiting for Mik to slip up.

The battle for 3rd is on in earnest with PETER LEWIS, Sam Griggs, Andy, Anthony Aiello, Longee, Uglybustard and Arnold Layne all within 7 points of each other, but perhaps too far behind to trouble the leaders.

So lets put all the disappointment of A-A selection Rising Star non-selection behind us and stick it up the AFL & Gil's jexie with some hard fought Guts & Determination!

Did I mention the first final is Firsday?  No Excuses Do Not Ferget ya Tips!

Go youuuuussse UGLY (as sin) BAAAAASTAAAAAAAARDDSS!!!!!!!!

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