Saturday, July 23, 2016

2016 Prize Pool Finalised

The 2016 Prize Pool has been finalised in sensashunal sircumstances with the team just scraping in enough punters for a Jackpot as the trading deadline came to a close. Yes all youse bustards come through at the witches hour and we cobbled together the bare minimum of 20!  well done all youse bustards!!!

Paid up entries for 2016 (from the backline)...

B: Zenben, Val Perovic, Uglybustard (Captain Coach)
HB: Sam Griggs, Rod Carter, Powerful
C: PETER LEWIS, Mik Barley, Littlebastard (Vice Captain)
HF: Lazy Bastard, John Longmire, Griggsy
F: Funnybustard, Flopalot, BUDGIEWOISFINEST
Rucks: Bill Griggs, BecCG, Anthony Aiello
Interchange: Andy, Amy Jones

Before any of youse bustards start complaining about your positions its in reverse alfabettikal order!!! Yes I know I am AFL coaching material. And the team come out perfect!!!

The forward line looks unbeatable. Lazy Bastard on a half fwd flank I expect some lazy sausage rolls from 60! No better place for you to take it easy and not have to run.
John Longmire will clunk them at CHF and Griggsy will crumb off him within his 20m kicking range from goal (thats if he gets on to a torp). And no backchatting the umps!
Funnybustard, Flopalot & BUDGIEWOISFINEST are all seasoned campaigners and will boot 100 each and collect a few scalps along the journey.

Billy Griggs in the ruck I want the long studs on son and stick some glass in ya boots if the opposition ruck aint knobbled by korter time youre off and I'll unleash the fiercesome Amy Jones there wont be enough ambo's to cope with the schlorter!
BecCG has impressed selectors with her consistency so gets nod for ruckrover ahead of the nuggety rover Anthony Aiello who returns from a 22 week suspension for following Collingwood.

Andy will come on & off the bench in spurts, fits and starts in his typical explosive fashion, sink a few schooeys then come back for more.
The centreline is looking specatacular with speed to burn from both wings & has a combination of experience and youth in PETER LEWIS & littlebastard while Mik Barley i expect no less than 145 possessions Diesel style in the pivot!

The halfback line is looking incredibly skillful with reigning Uglybustards Medallist Sam Griggs controlling proceedings while Rod Carter will put an angle on things with his tilted neck and Powerful's name says it all as one of the premier late-comeback running halfbacks in the footytips competition!

Finally the fullback line with the experienced and cool under presha Zenben will be tuning in and out like a tuning fork, Val Perovic will be WOOFING 80 metres from the kickout, while I'll be in the back pocket minding the resting rover and putting a few bets on the TAB as the ball will always be in our fwdline!

What a Team!!  Abso-f#$%$kn-lootley Unbeatable! We play for the jumper and remember our team motto, none of that latin crap; if you're gonna be a bustard, be an uglybustard!

Let's bring home the Cup in 2016!!

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