Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Zenben Jags Jackpot

Where did the first 9 rounds of the season go? Zenben's cleaned up all the jackpot $, we've had one coach sacking (onya Malt) and the Ugly Bustards Footy Tipping Joker Ladder is as topsy turvy as the never-ending Essendon drugs saga. WADA are appealing not only the Dons players result but now Stephen Dank's 21 charges he got off on as well. But more on that at the end of this week's report. Read on for the tipping results...

Prize Pool

The Ugly Bustards Board have extended the deadline for entry to 30th June as we're just short of the minimum for a weekly jackpot. Maybe Auntie Di will enter.

The following punters have entered, and there's still a few more to come so there's no doubt we will get a jackpot, but the more the merrier!  (Email for details on how to join the Prize Pool).

Entries as at 30th May:

Amy Jones, Andy, Archer Rofe, BecCG, Bill Griggs, Cleverbustard, Flopalot, Funnybustard, gonadbreath, Griggsy, Lazybastard, Mik Barley, Pete Lewis, Rhino33, Rod Carter, Sam Griggs, the boot, Uglybustard, zenben.

(If you think you've paid but you dont appear here let me know)


For only the 2nd time this year the jackpot was won, and for the 2nd time Zenben won it!
At $30 it was a good one to get and he's now pocketed $45 out of a possible $45.

Margin Comp

Andy heads the table after round 8 and holds a comfortable 33 pt lead over previous leader Billy Griggs, with Archer Rofe and Rhino33 tying for 3rd.  Funnybustard and zenben are the other 2 who've led the comp but now find themselves 7th and 16th.


Zenben's  back on top this week with his 2 full card picks so far gaining him 10 bonus pts which is proving handy.  With 3 jokers remaining he's starting to look formidable.  Ox used his 3rd joker to move into 2nd place, while Elmo kept his powder dry this week and fills 3rd spot on the podium.

To add insult to injury not only is zenben leading the joker ladder and cleaned up every cent of the jackpot, he also leads the standard ladder. Its been an unbelievable turn of events for this tipster who couldnt tip a winner in seasons prior to the joker ladder, which interestingly coincided with the Don's drugs saga and the release of Dank to pursue other challenges...


Rhino33, Ox & Mik Barley are only a pt behind zenben, with Elmo & Lazybastard another pt back.  Lazybastard is the highest placed tipster at 21st who is yet to use a joker, thats cos hes too 'ckn thick to work it out!  He went through the entire season last year without a joker and still did ok.
I may have to send some instructions his way so he can have a chance at the title. Looks like his Freo boys will give it a shot this year too.

Scoop of the Year

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Malthouse to destroy Bombers
As for Mick Maltshake to be replaced by Woosha Worsfold Round 5, @cowboysainter was one of the worst sources of info and will never again be trusted for a scoop!  It was round 8 you fool and Woosha wasn't allowed cos his missus wouldnt let him go kick the footy with the boys!

Of course it was all a set up dating way back to Eddie McGuire's 2009 "Kirribilly Agreement" when he, Buckley and Malthouse hatched an ingenious plan to utterly destroy the mighty Blues once and for all.

Essendon are in Eddie's sights next as WADA prove Dank's and hence Don's players' guilt, Hird is sacked, and Maltshake is revived yet again.  Give him a cuppla years of trading all their goalkickers and bringing in shithouse rejects from Footscray, as well as Daisy Thomas who by this stage has had his ankle amputated, and hey presto, mission number 2 accomplished!

Don't forget your tips for Round 10.


A big thanks to those who donated to Juvenile Diabetes research so far this year - Flopalot, zenben, Griggsy & Billy Griggs, Rhino33, Mik Barley and Lazybastard - Stubbyholders on their way soon I promise!

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