Thursday, April 23, 2015

Electrifying Elmo, Yaz Connects, Scoop of the Year!

Elmo along with Zenben and Funnybustard had an electrifying round 3 and not just cos theyre all in NSW  and channelled the #sydneyStorm. These 3 Ugybustards Tipsters used their first Joker of the season to full advantage last weekend to score the maximum 23 points for picking the card. Well done (you bustards).

Elmo takes the ladder lead after round 3 and says he's determined to keep it til the GF... long as Isaac Heeney doesnt get injured. I hear Tom Mitchell is so shat off the goalpost didn't fulfill its contract that he wants to come to Carlton where his old man Barry played and enjoyed his footy way more than the Swans (true story says Kerna "stand by my can" han). And amazing that the goal post wasn't taken to hospital.

I was a very happy chappy that so many (3) Uglybustards tipsters picked the card this week and earned a Hungry Jacks burger hopefully sending the company broke. Ask for extra mayo.

Speaking of Chappy (Editor: nice segway you uglybustard) the dirty mongrel started an altercation with the lovely young gent Christopher Yarran. Unfortunatley Mr Chapman didn't receive nearly as much as he deserved from the fresh faced innocent young Yarran after an attempted headbutt and an elbow to the ribs.

For only 3 weeks suspension (a travesty of justice for Yarran) Yaz shudda got him with an uppercut or 2 on the way down to make it worthwhile.

And for all those "well-informed" fans on Twitter who say 'watch out if you pick on tough man Chappy', ask Michael Voss how well Yarran can handle himself. Vossy coached Yarran in a youth squad, one night the team was out for dinner Yaz got jumped by a group of thugs and all of them ended up on their arse like Chappy, bleeding and dazed. The 'tough man' may have second thoughts next time.

(Editors note: Paul Chapman was pick #31 in the 1999 draft, swapped by Carlton to Geelong for Mansfield where he won 3 flags. Then he ended up at Essenscum). 

Uglybustards Modelling Magazine

This is a new feature of the Uglybustards Tipping site this year. This is where past winners get to model their winning merchandise to promote Uglybustards Clothing line and go into the end of season draw for a coveted Uglybustards Stubby Holder. Please send us in your pix of yourselves at the footy or anywhere really wearing anything including your birthday suit, promoting Uglybustards as a future world reknowned label.

2014 Runner-up Zenben in his Uglybustards Cap, thats one entry for Zenben

Buggered up your tips this week? Don't feel bad

I felt compelled to post an update this week to make a record for the future archives that Uglybustard is running stone motherless last in the tipping AND margin comps to show this comp is not rigged (yet). However I may improve this weekend as it's impossible for me to tip both the Blues and the Saints, and the footytips site no longer allows you to tip a draw, which should be at 100 x Joker odds and of course I'm lobbying the footytips ESPN executives to get this in place by season's end.

How to Tip Like a Champ

This week's tip comes from well know footy tipster WILLIAM J. H. BOETCHER
"No one will succeed unless he or she is ready to face and overcome difficulties, and is prepared to assume responsibilities." My reading on that is go home teams.

Scoop of the Year

Mick Maltshake to be replaced by Woosha Worsfold after the Round 5 Collingwood game where the Maltshaker breaks Jock Hale's 714 game coaching record (scoop via @cowboysainter although I cant reveal my sauces).

Lastly, don't forget the May 30 deadline for the prize pool. Entry $20 to be eligible for prizes. Four entries paid up so far, we need 20 for a jackpot.

And remember you heard it here first on Uglybustards.

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